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WinMerge 2.x supports COM Plugins such as the VB6 one included in this folder.
I believe the 3.x branch is going to remove this, so you will need a 2.x version.

WinMerge is a free open source diffing utility available from winmerge.org

In order to use this plugin, you will have to:

1) enabled plugins: Plugins -> List -> enable checkbox
2) after the file diff, run it manually Plugins-> Prediffer -> wmIDACompare.dll

The plugin contains 3 different match engines. You configure it through the main
IDACompare config pane. The Debug UI setting will popup a modal form allowing you
to manually apply and edit the transformations before returning it to Winmerge.
(see screen shot)

IDACompare will auto-install the plugin to the winmegre plugins directory first time you
goto use it from the Tools menu and anytime it detects its local copy
is newer than the one in the WinMerge plugin directory.

The installer will register it on the system in the registry.

IDACompare will also attempt to automatically active the plugin externally through
sendkeys when it launches winmerge for block diffing. (it assumes it is the first
suggested plugin for the .idacompare file type which should be universal)
tested against winmerge v2.12.4

I may make the send keys commands held externally for editing if need be. if you have
a problem let me know.