Temperature controlled humidor with web logging, monitoring, alerts and phone app (arduino,php,mysql, WP8)
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This code and hardware schmatics are for a temperature controlled web enabled humidor.

This allows you to monitor your investment from anywhere in the world, and receive immediate alerts if it requires attention.

A comprehensive help file is now available to walk you through the setup:


A compiled html help (CHM) file of this information is also included in this repository.


The Dht22 sensor is installed in the humidor.

The arduino takes a reading every 30 minutes, and uploads the data to your webserver.

The PHP script will record the data to the database. If the temp or humidity is out of desired range, it will send you an email alert.

Alerts must be manually cleared latter by logging into the web site, so you are not spammed, before you get a chance to fix it.

When you add water, push the select button on the LCD sheild to record it. When you have a smoke, press the down button. These will be saved to the database and displayed in the report. Power resets will also be recorded to the database.

Some users choose to go headless and omit the lcd shield and buttons. This is now even easier now that we have a Windows Phone app to keep you in sync.

If you are on an iPhone from Safari just add an icon to your home screen pointing to mobile.php?id=[your user id]

ex. http://sandsprite.com/humidor/mobile.php?id=6&iphone=1

I already have the web backend setup for multiple users. If you dont have a public webserver and would like to use mine just send me an email and a picture of your humidor. I will set you up with a clientID and api key you can use.

By default it will use an internal watchdog to detect hangs in the wifi card. It may not catch all and you may still end up with hangs. You can optionally use an external watchdog for another $16 see reference [6].

If you build one of these, I would love to see your setup. Please email a picture of the humidor and enclosure to dzzie@yahoo.com. I will add a users folder to showcase them.

See screen shot for example web report.


Build Videos:

Status: complete


  • [1] Arduino Uno R3 - $24
  • [2] DHT22 Temperature/Humidity Sensor - $12
  • [3] AdaFruit 16x2 LCD Shield - $20
  • [4] AdaFruit Wireless Ethernet Shield - $40
  • [5] Haier 8 bottle thermoelectric wine cooler - $100
  • [6] External Watchdog (optional) - $16
  • [7] 9 volt 1 Amp DC center positive power adapter w/ 2.1mm plug - $7
  • WebServer with Php and MySql support
  • Total Cost: $200 (including thermoelectric cooler as humidor)

Note: Make sure your Arduino is powered by a 1 amp or higher rated external power supply when using with the CC3000! Less will lead to unstable behavior and lockups!

Pins used and assembly:


* 5V, GND, digital pin #2

SPI wifi shield (solder pass through headers on and plug in)

* SCK  |pin #13|
* MISO |pin #12|
* MOSI |pin #11|
* CS for CC3000 |pin #10|
* VBAT_EN |pin #5|
* CS for SD Card |pin #4|
* IRQ |pin #3|

I2C lcd shield (soldered from kit and plug in)

  • 5v, gnd, ic2 pins:
  • SCL |Analog pin #4|
  • SDA |Analog pin #5|

Buttons Used: * Left = force update * Down = smoked * select = watered * reset

external watchdog (optional [6])

* digital pin 6      

autowater removed see [8]

Note: The dht22 sensor will burn out if you hook it up backwards. It is a 4 pin component with one pin unused. I cut off the unused pin, and plugged the matching hole in the socket with hot glue. This makes it so that the sensor can only be inserted in the correct orientation.


[1] Arduino Uno R3 http://www.adafruit.com/products/50

[2] DHT22 Temperature/Humidity Sensor https://www.virtuabotix.com/product/virtuabotix-dht22-temperature-humidity-sensor-arduino-microcontroller-circuits/

[3] AdaFruit 16x2 LCD Shield http://www.adafruit.com/products/772

[4] AdaFruit Wireless Ethernet Shield http://www.adafruit.com/products/1491 https://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-cc3000-wifi/cc3000-shield

[5] Haier 8 bottle thermoelectric wine cooler http://www.amazon.com/Haier-8-Bottle-Bottle-Electronic-Controls/dp/B00DNSO2BO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1405699936&sr=8-1&keywords=haier+wine+fridge

[6] SwitchDoc Labs Dual WatchDog Timer (optional) http://www.amazon.com/SwitchDoc-Labs-WatchDog-Arduino-Raspberry/dp/B00OL1N7R2/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1442439681&sr=8-2&keywords=dual+watchdog

[7] Power supply https://www.adafruit.com/product/63

[8] auto water feature This feature was removed in commit 9b07772. For my humidor I added 5 large boveda packs and a pound of beads just for use as a buffer. I would be lucky if I went through 5 packs a year. These give rock solid stability and no more ups and downs with watering. If you are spending this much on your humidor to do this system, just use boveda. If you really want to try the autowater, you will additionally need a parastolic pump, and a motor driver board. I never actually used it in production.

pins used: * pump activation d6 * switchIn A0 * switchOut A1