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Delete the osu! beatmap elements you don't want
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Delete the beatmap elements (difficulties, hitsounds, skins) you don't want.

NOTE: Deleting skins may delete some backgrounds (this is rare, but it doesn't matter if you play at 100% dim). Use at your own risk.


  • Python 3.x (lol)
  • osu! song folder


python "/your/song/path/here"

I would recommend that you move your song directory elsewhere before running the script because osu! does some weird caching.

To change difficulties, edit the 'diffs' list (just in case for non-programmers)

diffs = ["Hard", "Insane", "Another"] #I HATE HARD MAPS

Changing what to delete:

del_maps = True
del_hitsounds = True
del_skins = False
del_bg = False
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