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README for eID Applet Project

1. Introduction

This project contains the source code tree of the eID Applet.

The source code is hosted at:

2. Requirements

The following is required for compiling the eID Applet software:

  • Oracle Java 1.7.0_72 or Java 1.8.0_51
  • Apache Maven 3.3.3

3. Build

The project can be build via:

mvn clean install

This will also build a test web application EAR artifact named:


This Java EE 6 web application has been tested on the following Java EE 6/7 application servers:

  • JBoss AS 7.x
  • JBoss EAP 6.x
  • WildFly 7

Deploy the test web application to a local running JBoss application server via:

cd eid-applet-test/eid-applet-test-deploy
mvn jboss-as:deploy

During the build process a token is required to sign the applet JAR. By default the Maven build will use a software token to sign the applet JAR. One can configure the usage of an eToken via the following Maven property:


The eToken configuration is located in pom.xml under the eid-applet-package artifact. Your .m2/settings.xml should contain the following config:

<settings xmlns="">

You can speed up the development build cycle by skipping the unit tests via:

mvn -Dmaven.test.skip=true clean install

4. SDK Release

An SDK build can be performed via:

mvn -Psdk,etoken clean deploy

The final SDK artifact is located under:


An SDK release build should use the production eToken containing an official code signing certificate.

5. Eclipse IDE

You can use the m2eclipse Eclipse plugin to import the Maven projects although the m2eclipse Eclipse plugin does not yet understand the entire project structure.

Since Eclipse Mars release 4.5.0, importing the eID Applet project just works.

Another option is to use the Maven Eclipse plugin.

The Eclipse project files can be created via:

mvn -Psdk eclipse:eclipse

Afterwards simply import the projects in Eclipse via:

File -> Import... -> General:Existing Projects into Workspace

First time you use an Eclipse workspace you might need to add the maven repository location. Do this via:

mvn eclipse:add-maven-repo -Declipse.workspace=<location of your workspace>

6. NetBeans IDE

As of NetBeans version 6.7 this free IDE from Sun has native Maven 3 support.

7. License

The source code of the eID Applet Project is licensed under GNU LGPL v3.0. Part of the source code (OOXML signature code) is dual-licensed under both the GNU LGPL v3.0 and the Apache License v2.0. Only the files with a header containing both the GNU LGPL v3.0 and Apache License v2.0 license texts are dual-licensed. The dual-licensing was offered in response to a request from the Apache POI open source project. All other source code files remain under control of the GNU LGPL v3.0 license unless otherwise decided in the future by ALL eID Applet Project copyright holders.

The license conditions can be found in the file: LICENSE.txt

8. Copyright

The eID Applet copyright holders are:


eID Applet to enable BE eID cards within web browsers




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