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Spring DBunit provides DBUnit add-ons for Spring Framework.

It allows you to easily insert and cleanup test data into the database of your choice.

Use cases examples :

  • "pseudo" unit tests on a DAO layer, with an in-memory database like HSQLDB or H2 and a schema automatically created with Hibernate hibernate.hbm2ddl.auto=create-drop.
  • GUI integration tests with Selenium, with a persistent database and an existing schema.
  • application prototype development, with data reloaded on application startup

Getting Spring DBUnit

Starting from 1.4.0, releases are in Maven Central, all you need to add to your POM is:

	<!-- or spring-dbunit-servlet -->

For older versions of Spring DBUnit, read the Maven Wiki page.

Note that you need version 1.1.X of DBUnit if you use Spring 3.X


Have a look at these Wiki pages for documentation :

Release Notes

See Github's Milestones


Spring DBUnit is released under the Apache Software License v2.0 (See LICENSE file)