A small library for accessing UK postcode data using UK Postcodes (and thus Ordnance Survey Open Data)
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Postcodes is a small library for getting information about, postcodes in the UK. At its core, the postcode data is provided by the Ordnance Survey OS OpenData initiative, but this library is actually a wrapper for a web-service provided by Stuart Harrison.


If you use pip then installation is simply:

$ pip install postcodes

or, if you want the latest github version:

$ pip install git+git://github.com/e-dard/postcodes.git

You can also install Postcodes via Easy Install:

$ easy_install postcodes


Postcodes allows you to do the following:

  • Lookup the postcode data associated with a specific postcode;
  • Get the nearest postcode data associated to a specific geographical point;
  • Get all of the postcode data within a specific distance to a geographical point;
  • Get all of the postcode data within a specific distance to a known postcode.

As well as being a thin wrapper over the uk-postcodes web-service, Postcodes also provides a simple caching and validation layer, in the form of the PostCoder object, meaning you don't have to worry about keeping track of any previously requested data.


Postcodes is very simple. Simply create a new PostCoder object and away you go:

>>> from pprint import PrettyPrinter
>>> from postcodes import PostCoder
>>> pc = PostCoder()
>>> result = pc.get("SW1A 2TT")
>>> PrettyPrinter(indent=4).pprint(result['geo'])
{   u'easting': u'530283',
    u'geohash': u'http://geohash.org/gcpuvptqwyh4',
    u'lat': u'51.502308',
    u'lng': u'-0.124331',
    u'northing': u'179820'}

If for any reason you want to use your own caching or validation, you also have access to the functions in the postcodes module.

Returned Data

For each postcode, a Python dictionary is returned containing all the available data from the Ordanance Survey Code-Point Open dataset. For example, postcodes.get("W1A 2TT") returns:

{ u'administrative': { u'constituency': { u'code': u'',
                                          u'title': u'',
                                          u'uri': u''},
                       u'district': { u'snac': u'',
                                      u'title': u'',
                                      u'uri': u''},
                       u'ward': { u'snac': u'',
                                  u'title': u'',
                                  u'uri': u''}},
  u'geo': { u'easting': u'',
            u'geohash': u'',
            u'lat': u'',
            u'lng': u'',
            u'northing': u''},
  u'postcode': u''}

Values have been removed for brevity.

## API Documentation

You'll find more detailed documentation over here.

© 2012, Edward Robinson