Logiciel de gestion d'une bibliothèque (minuscule - pas plus grande qu'une puce :-)
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BCD Libre (Book Manager Libre)

Small library software (borrowing and returning books management)

Logiciel de gestion d'une petite bibliothèque (gestion d'emprunt de livres)


  • Catalog management
    • Autocomplete book information based on ISBN
    • Compatible with barcode reader
  • User management
  • Borrowing management
  • Support multiple languages
    • english
    • french
  • Open source and free forever
  • Based on Web technologies and architecture:
  • Runs on Linux (Debian 8) and Windows


Main menu

Main menu

Add book in Catalog (autocompletion based on ISBN)

  • When adding a book to your library, you can type in the ISBN or use a barcode reader: Add book
  • multiple Web Services are called and information is filled in automatically: Add book

Install BCD Libre

Please read setup/install.md

Start BCD Libre Server

On Windows

cd bibliopuce

On Linux

su - bibliopuce
cd bibliopuce

Access BCD Libre from Browser

BCDLibre is a Web-base software : you need to start a web browser to access the software interface.

  • Start your favorite web browser, e.g. Firefox, and access the server on port 3000:

    [http://localhost:3000] (http://localhost:3000)