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A web editor for the Markdown-Extended (MDE) syntax.

This editor is a custom version of the original EpicEditor to use the PHP MarkdownExtended parser. It uses the MDE-Service PHP interface to post the markdown content of the editor (via a synchronous XMLHttpRequest) at each run (the original content is not parsed in JavaScript).

This editor is available online at http://dingus.aboutmde.org/.


Manual installation

To install and use it, you will need Bower and Composer:

wget --no-check-certificate https://github.com/piwi/mde-editor/archive/master.tar.gz
tar -xvf master.tar.gz
cd mde-editor-master
bower install
composer install

Then you can browse the demonstration page: http://your.localhost/path/to/mde-editor-master/.

Usage as a Bower dependency

The MDE-Editor is registered into Bower. BUT, as it remains on a PHP application, to get a "ready-to-use" editor (installed with the required PHP scripts), you MUST use the bower branch of the package as follows:

bower install mde-editor#bower --save

Or you may write in your bower.json configuration file:

"dependencies": {
    "mde-editor": "bower"


Usage of the MDE-Editor is very similar to the one of EpicEditor except that:

  • you must include the mde-editor.js script AFTER the original epiceditor(.min).js:

      <script src="mde-editor/mde-editor.js"></script>
  • you must create a MdeEpicEditor object instead of the original EpicEditor:

      var editor = new MdeEpicEditor().load();
  • the default ID of the DOM block which will finally embed the editor is mde-editor:

      <div id="mde-editor"></div>

If you move the package files, you NEED to keep the mde_editor_interface.php PHP script in the same directory as the mde-editor.js (or override the parser_options settings - see below) and redefine the basePath option to fit your environment. You also need to redefine the $autoloader variable at the top of the mde_editor_interface.php script.


The default options of the MDE-Editor are (they will be merged with the default EpicEditor options in final object):

    container:  'mde-editor',
    basePath:   'bower_components/epiceditor/epiceditor/',
    autogrow:   true,
    file: {
        name:           'mde-editor',
        defaultContent: 'Type your *markdown*-**extended** content here ...',
        autoSave:       5000
    parserOptions: {
        silent:      false,
        interface:   'mde-editor/mde_editor_interface.php',
        mdeOptions: {}

The last parserOptions element concerns the MDE parser:

  • the parserOptions.silent is a flag to see errors or not;

  • the parserOptions.interface is the path to the PHP interface file from the current document ; you can also use a "online" value to use the online webservice available at http://api.aboutmde.org/ (this can be useful for a package installed via Bower for instance, as the PHP dependencies may be not installed) ;

  • the parserOptions.mdeOptions entry is a table of options passed to the PHP-MarkdownExtended parser to let you make custom parsings ; please note that the elements of this entry must follow an underscored notation (no camel-case).


MDE-Editor is authored by Pierre Cassat and licensed under a MIT license.

To transmit a bug or a feature request, see http://github.com/piwi/mde-editor/issues.