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Maker display is simple to use LED Matrix Display connectable to the internet
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Maker Display


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Description and details

Maker LED display brings simplicity when it comes to using LED Matrix Displays. Ready to use, assembled circuit board has everything you need to run the display - just plug it in! Arduino library written for it and a dozen pre-made examples make using and customization of the display a trivial task. Not to forget the WiFi connection which enables board to get various info and show it to you. There’s more than just customization of content shown on the display! Choose between 32 x 9 pixels or 64 x 9 pixels version and pick the LED color: white, blue, green, orange or purple.

Repository content

This repo contains Cadsoft Eagle .sch and .brd files for the board. It also contains schematic in .pdf created from .sch Eagle file. Files have been arranged into folders for navigating between different versions of board. Tip: layer 200 shows top silkscreen and layer 208 should be bottom silkscreen. tParts and bParts are not used.


Board versions

  • v1.0 - inital version

License info

This product is open-source. Yay! For any tech questions, contact us at If you find an Issue, please open one at GitHub. If you can improve our product, fork it! Team.

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