Arduino library for SHT21 - temperature and humidity sensor. With checksum!
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SHT21 Arduino Library

Description and details

Arduino library for interfacing SHT21 temperature and humidity sensor over I2C to Arduino. Simple to use, it enables reading temperature and humidity from the chip. Additionally, it uses checksum to check if data arrived from SHT21 is correctly transmitted.

Repository content

This repo contains Arduino library for SHT21 sensor. It also includes two examples:

  • Demo example: reads temperature and humidity from SHT21 sensors and prints it to the Serial monitor
  • Get Serial Number example: prints SHT21 hardcored Serial Number to Serial monitor


  • [SHT21 breakout board by] breakout
  • [SHT21 breakout by] hardware

How to use?

Install as any Arduino library. Go to File -> Examples -> eRadionica_SHT21 -> choose your example and use!

License info

This product is open-source. Yay! For any tech questions, contact us at If you find an Issue, please open one at GitHub. If you can improve our product, fork us. Team.