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What is This?

This is an HttpModule for ASP.NET applications that fakes the IsSecureConnection in the Request object.

It understands the X-Forwarded-Proto header sent by an SSL Offloader/Proxy and sets the IsSecureConnection according to it.

It only works for apps running in Integrated mode.


In your web.config, find the system.webServer section and add the module. Example:

  <modules runAllManagedModulesForAllRequests="true">
	<add name="FakeHttpModule" type="ETravel.Web.FakeHttps.HttpModule, ETravel.Web.FakeHttps"/>


Configuration Options

There is only one configuration option. The "FakeHttps.ForceHttps" setting will force the module to mark all incoming connections as secure.

  <add key="FakeHttps.ForceHttps" value="true" />