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RAGE Analytics Environment

This repository contains scripts to launch and manage the (evolving) RAGE Analytics Environment.

The RAGE Analytics Environment is a key component of the RAGE EU H2020 project (Realizing an Applied Game Ecosystem), in charge of providing extensible, scalable, and simple-to-manage game analytics for applied games.

Hardware and Software Requirements

In theory, only requirements are:

  • docker installed, minimum required version specified in the file
  • docker-compose installed, required version specified in the file
  • Hardware:
    • More then 12 Gb free HDD space (Note that one of the services, MongoDB, requires 3.4 Gb free HDD space to run)
    • 4 Gb of RAM
    • 2 CPU cores for avoiding bottlenecks

Our testing environment:

  • ubuntu 14.04, 14.10 x64 and 16.04.1 x86_64, all stand-alone and running in VirtualBox VMs under Windows hosts
  • docker v1.13.0, build 49bf474
  • docker-compose v1.7.1 build 0a9ab35
  • Hardware:
    • 20 GB free HDD space
    • 8 GB of RAM
    • 3 CPUs @ 2.2 GHz

Further information

For more details, check out the RAGE Analytics wiki page.