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Serious game editor for Unity based on eAdventure.
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uAdventure is a platform for the development of classic adventure computer games with educational purposes. This platform was developed by the research group ( at the Complutense University in Madrid (Spain). It is the successor of the eAdventure platform ( In contrast to its predecessor, that was built on Java framework, uAdventure runs on top of Unity game engine. Despite of this, no previous knowledge of Unity is required. Previous eAdventure projects can be upgraded to be used in uAdventure. However, uAdventure is not completely backwards compatible, as some features have been deprecated or are still work in progress

Minimum Requirements

uAdventure needs Unity, therefore, its requirements are limited to Unity game engine requirements, which runs on both Windows (7 SP1+, 8, 10, 64-bit versions only) and Mac OS X (10.9+). More information about Unity requirements can be found at: The recommended Unity version to run uAdventure is 2017.3. Although newer versions might be compatible, unexpected bugs might happen.

Installation guide.

uAdventure is distributed as a Unity extension. Hence, it has to be installed in any blank Unity project where you want to use it. You cannot use uAdventure by itself as it requires Unity engine to work. There are two possible ways to import uAdventure: 1) download the package and import it manually; or 2) install it through the Unity Assets Store. You can choose any of the methods as only one is enough to set up uAdventure.


  1. (Prev) Install or have Unity installed (recommended version is 2017.4.
  2. Create a new and blank Unity Project.
  3. Download the unitypackage or locate uAdventure in the Unity Asset Store.
  4. Import uAdventure by opening the unitypackage or by importing the extension from the Asset Store.
  5. Let Unity a couple of minutes to import and handle all uAdventure assets and scripts.

uAdventure Configuration

In Unity, a new "uAdventure" button on the top menu must be available. By using it:

  1. Use uAdventure welcome window To change between First person mode and Third person mode and hit new button after selecting.
  2. An uAdventure editor popup window should appear. You can use it, but we recommend the users to:
  3. Close the uAdventure editor window and click "uAdventure" menu button -> Configure Layout.

This will configure Unity Editor to work with uAdventure the best way.


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