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* added generic expand

* finished breeder
* adapt expansion into environment
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Alexander Kahl
Alexander Kahl committed Nov 13, 2009
1 parent a72fd85 commit 3188f2efee77f46772fdc314ec93e3775dc55ee1
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  1. +26 −7 src/target.lisp
@@ -61,7 +61,7 @@ all slot names/values as key/values from symbol list slots in object."
:initarg :name
:initform (alexandria:required-argument :name))
(dependencies :accessor dependencies
- :initarg :dependencies
+ :initarg :deps
:initform nil)
(env-slots :accessor env-slots
:initarg :env-slots
@@ -77,23 +77,32 @@ env-slots (list):
List of slots to lexically bind to the environment during an evolvable's
-;; (defmethod print-object... !
(defmethod initialize-instance :after ((evol evolvable) &rest initargs)
- "Also register evolvable in the evol *environment*"
+ "initialize-instance :after evolvable &rest initargs => (void)
+Also register evolvable in the evol *environment*"
(declare (ignore initargs))
(setf (gethash (internify (name evol)) *environment*) evol))
+(defmethod print-object ((evol evolvable) stream)
+ "print-object evolvable stream => (void)
+Printing evolvable-derived objects must simply return their names."
+ (princ (name evol) stream))
+(defgeneric expand (evolvable)
+ (:documentation "expand evolvable => mixed
+Returns a suitable form of the evolvable for %-style rule expansion.")
+ (:method ((evol evolvable)) (name evol)))
(defgeneric evolve (evolvable)
(:documentation "Evolve this, whatever that may be"))
(defmethod evolve :around ((evol evolvable))
(with-slot-enhanced-environment ((env-slots evol) evol)
-; (defmethod evolve :before ((evol evolvable))
-; TODO dependencies
;;; virtual class
(defclass virtual (evolvable) ()
@@ -123,6 +132,10 @@ spawn (mixed):
Source of spawn evolvables. Can be a function or a list."))
(defmethod initialize-instance :after ((breeder breeder) &rest initargs &key &allow-other-keys)
+ "initialize-instance :after breeder &rest initargs &key &allow-other-keys => (void)
+Create an evolvable :of type for each :spawn with all key arguments proxied
+but :name, :of:, :spawn and have the breeder itself auto-depend on them."
(let ((of (getf initargs :of))
(spawn (getf initargs :spawn))
(spawnargs (remove-from-plist initargs :name :of :spawn)))
@@ -134,6 +147,12 @@ spawn (mixed):
(funcall spawn)
+(defmethod expand ((breeder breeder))
+ "expand breeder => list
+Breeders expand to a list of their dependencies' names."
+ (dependencies breeder))
;;; definite class
(defclass definite (evolvable)

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