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;;;; Engine - Hunchentoot-based implementation
;;;; Copyright (C) 2011 Alexander Kahl <>
;;;; This file is part of Engine.
;;;; Engine is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
;;;; under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License as
;;;; published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the
;;;; License, or (at your option) any later version.
;;;; Engine is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;;;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;;;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;;;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;;;; along with this program. If not, see <>.
; FIXME (maybe) use hunchtoot session management?
(defparameter ** (list))
(defparameter *close-timeout* 25)
(defparameter *heartbeat-interval* 20)
(defparameter *event-handlers* (list))
(defvar **)
; should really be in the uuid package and use accessors
(defun uuid-equal-p (uuid-1 uuid-2)
(every #'=
(uuid:uuid-to-byte-array uuid-1)
(uuid:uuid-to-byte-array uuid-2)))
(defun uuid-session (uuid)
(assoc uuid ** :test #'uuid-equal-p))
(defun getf-session (session indicator)
(getf (cdr session) indicator))
(defun (setf getf-session) (val session var)
(log-message :debug "Setting ~a:~a to ~a" (car session) var val)
(setf (getf (cdr session) var) val))
(defun getf-uuid-session (uuid indicator)
(getf-session (uuid-session uuid) indicator))
(defun (setf getf-uuid-session) (val uuid var)
(setf (getf-session (uuid-session uuid) var) val))
(defun delete-session (session)
(log-message :debug "Going to delete session ~a" (car session))
(setq ** (delete session ** :test #'eq))
(setq *websocket-handlers* (delete (getf-session session :dispatcher) *websocket-handlers* :test #'eq)))
(defun event-handler (name)
(cdr (assoc name *event-handlers* :test #'string=)))
(defun (setf event-handler) (val var)
(push (cons var val) *event-handlers*))
(defun send-disconnect ()
(websocket-send-message "0::"))
(defun send-connect ()
(websocket-send-message "1::"))
(defun send-heartbeat ()
(websocket-send-message "2::"))
(defun send-message (message)
(let ((message-id (incf (getf-session ** :message-id))))
(websocket-send-message (apply #'format nil "~d:~d::~a"
(if (consp message)
(list 4 message-id (encode-json-to-string message))
(list 3 message-id message))))))
(defun send-event (name lambda-list &optional (callback #'(lambda (&rest args) (declare (ignore args)))))
(let* ((message-id (incf (getf-session ** :message-id)))
(handler #'(lambda (&rest args)
(prog1 (apply callback args)
(setf (getf-session ** :callbacks)
(delete message-id (getf-session ** :callbacks) :key #'car :test #'=))))))
(push (cons message-id handler)
(getf-session ** :callbacks))
(websocket-send-message (apply #'format nil "5:~d~:[~;+~]::~a"
(list message-id callback
(encode-json-to-string (list (cons :name name)
(cons :args lambda-list))))))))
(defun send-ack (id &optional data)
(websocket-send-message (apply #'concatenate 'string "6:::" id (if data
(list "+" (encode-json-to-string data))
(list "")))))
(defun send-error (message &optional advice)
(websocket-send-message (apply #'concatenate 'string "7:::" message (if advice (list "+" advice) (list "")))))
(defun terminate (session)
(let ((stream (getf-session session :stream)))
(delete-session session)
(when (and (streamp stream) (open-stream-p stream))
(close stream))))
(defun heartbeat ()
(log-message :debug "Bubump")
(mapc #'(lambda (session)
(destructuring-bind (session-id &key stream mutex heartbeat-timeout open
(send-timestamp 0) (receive-timestamp heartbeat-timeout) &allow-other-keys)
(let ((*websocket-stream* stream)
(*websocket-stream-mutex* mutex)
(stream-open-p (and (streamp stream) (open-stream-p stream))))
(cond ((not open) nil)
((or (not stream-open-p)
(> send-timestamp
(+ heartbeat-timeout receive-timestamp)))
(log-message :debug "Heartbeat timeout for ~a: ~:[not ~;~]open / ~d > ~d"
session-id stream-open-p send-timestamp (+ heartbeat-timeout receive-timestamp))
(terminate session))
(t (log-message :debug "Sending heartbeat to ~a" session-id)
(setf (getf-uuid-session session-id :send-timestamp) (get-universal-time)))))))
; (sb-ext:list-all-timers)
; (sb-ext:unschedule-timer *heartbeat-timer*)
(defparameter *heartbeat-timer* (sb-ext:make-timer #'heartbeat :name "" :thread t))
(defun log-request (request)
(let ((pathinfo (cdddr (split "/" (script-name request)))))
(log-message :debug (format nil "path ~a~%headers~%~a~%get-parameters~%~a"
(mapcar #'(lambda (parameter)
(format nil "~a: ~a" (car parameter) (cdr parameter)))
(headers-in request))
(mapcar #'(lambda (parameter)
(format nil "~a: ~a" (car parameter) (cdr parameter)))
(get-parameters request))))))
(defun timeout-heartbeat (timeout)
(let ((heartbeat (* 2 (/ timeout 3))))
(if (> heartbeat 1)
(round heartbeat)
(defun translate-message-type (type)
(ecase (parse-integer type :junk-allowed nil)
(0 :disconnect)
(1 :connect)
(2 :heartbeat)
(3 :message)
(4 :json-message)
(5 :event)
(6 :ack)
(7 :error)
(8 :noop)))
(defun handle-ack (id data data-ack-p)
(cond ((and data-ack-p (not id))
(log-message :warning "Data acknowledgement requested without id, ignoring"))
(data-ack-p (send-ack id data))
(id (send-ack id))))
; [message type] ':' [message id ('+')] ':' [message endpoint] (':' [message data])
(let ((message-scanner (create-scanner #>eof>^(\d):(\d+)?(\+)?:([^:]+)?(?::(.+))?eof))
(message-splitter (create-scanner #>eof>^([^\+]*)(?:\+?(.*))eof)))
(defun handle-message-frame (message message-handler)
(multiple-value-bind (match matches)
(scan-to-strings message-scanner message)
(if match
(destructuring-bind (type id data-ack endpoint data)
(coerce matches 'list)
(declare (ignore endpoint)) ; TODO
(ecase (translate-message-type type)
(log-message :debug "Client signalled termination")
(delete-session **))
(log-message :info "Client tried to connect to additional endpoint")
(send-error "Additional endpoints not supported" "Just don't try again, bitch!"))
(log-message :debug "Client sent heartbeat")
(setf (getf-session ** :receive-timestamp) (get-universal-time)))
(log-message :debug "Client sent message ~a" data)
(handle-ack id (multiple-value-list (funcall message-handler data)) data-ack))
(log-message :debug "Client sent JSON message ~a" data)
(handle-ack id (multiple-value-list (funcall message-handler (decode-json-from-string data))) data-ack))
(log-message :debug "Client sent event message ~a" data)
(let* ((data (decode-json-from-string data))
(event (cdr (assoc :name data :test #'eq)))
(args (cdr (assoc :args data :test #'eq))))
(handle-ack id (if-let ((handler (event-handler event)))
(multiple-value-list (apply handler args))
(destructuring-bind (id data)
(coerce (nth-value 1 (scan-to-strings message-splitter data)) 'list)
(log-message :debug "Client acknowledged ~d~%Data: ~a" id data)
(when-let ((callback (cdr (assoc (parse-integer id :junk-allowed nil)
(getf-session ** :callbacks) :test #'=))))
(apply callback (decode-json-from-string (or data "[]"))))))
(destructuring-bind (reason advice)
(coerce (nth-value 1 (scan-to-strings message-splitter message)) 'list)
(log-message :error "Client signalled an error: ~a~%Advice: ~a" reason advice)))
(:noop (log-message :debug "Client sent noop (whatever)"))))
(log-message :error "Message is malfomed: ~s" message)))))
(defun ()
(let* ((session-id (uuid:make-v4-uuid))
(timeout *close-timeout*)
(heartbeat (timeout-heartbeat timeout)))
(list session-id :heartbeat-timeout heartbeat :close-timeout timeout :message-id 0)))
(defun (session scanner message-handler)
#'(lambda (request) ; dispatcher
(and (scan scanner (script-name request))
(uuid-equal-p (uuid:make-uuid-from-string (cadr (path-info* request)))
(car session))
#'(lambda (stream mutex) ; handshake handler
(setf (getf-session session :stream) stream
(getf-session session :mutex) mutex
(getf-session session :open) t)
#'(lambda (message) ; message handler
(let ((** session))
(handle-message-frame message message-handler)))))))
(defun handle-handshake (scanner message-handler)
(let* ((session (
(dispatcher ( session scanner message-handler)))
(setf (getf-session session :dispatcher) dispatcher)
(push session **)
(push dispatcher *websocket-handlers*)
(when-let ((handler (event-handler "connection")))
(funcall handler session)) ; You can listen for this using "connection"
(format nil "~a:~d:~d:~{~a~^,~}" (car session) (getf-session session :heartbeat-timeout) (getf-session session :close-timeout) (list "websocket"))))
(defun handle-disconnect (reply session-id)
(let* ((uuid (make-uuid-from-string session-id))
(session (uuid-session uuid)))
(if session
(delete-session session)
(setf (return-code reply) +http-internal-server-error+))))
(defun path-info* (&optional (request *request*))
(cdddr (split "/" (script-name* request))))
(defun (pathinfo scanner message-handler)
(unless (find *heartbeat-timer* (sb-ext:list-all-timers) :test #'eq)
(sb-ext:schedule-timer *heartbeat-timer* 0 :repeat-interval *heartbeat-interval* :absolute-p nil))
(setf (content-type*) "text/plain")
(if pathinfo
; v1 spec [scheme] '://' [host] '/' [namespace] '/' [protocol version] '/' [transport id] '/' [session id] '/' ( '?' [query] )
(destructuring-bind (transport-id session-id)
(declare (ignore transport-id)) ; support for websocket only
(cond ((assoc "disconnect" (get-parameters*) :test #'string=) ; FIXME more cases or remove cond
(prog1 nil (handle-disconnect *reply* session-id)))))
(handle-handshake scanner message-handler)))
;;; exported
(defmacro (message-handler &key (name ' (prefix "/"))
`(let ((scanner (create-scanner (concatenate 'string "^" ,prefix "/1(/.*)?")))) ; v1
(define-easy-handler (,name :uri #'(lambda (request)
(scan scanner (script-name request)))) ()
( (path-info*) scanner ,message-handler))))
(defun (event handler)
(setf (event-handler event) handler))
(defmacro (event args &body body)
`( ,event
#'(lambda ,args