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📱☝️React Native Touchable with native look & feel
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Native Touchable for React Native

implements a look and feel for Touchables in React Native. It display material design ripples on Android, and Opacity effect on iOS.

this Touchable isn't native, it's a fork of react-native-material-ripple by @n4kz


npm i -s native-touchable


import Touchable from 'native-touchable'

render () {
  return (
      <Touchable onPress={ ... }>
        <Text>Do something!</Text>


This component inherits from TouchableOpacity and can use all his props (onPress, onPressIn, activeOpacity, etc.), btw can use all props from @n4kz/react-native-material-ripple too. But I decide to rename some props just for confortability.

prop type default description
waves boolean true in Android, false in iOS force ripple render on iOS
size number 0 (means auto size) wave size, when it's 0 size is calc in auto
hint string #000 wave color
alpha number 0.3 wave opacity
radius number calc from styles borderRadius property or 0 border radius from wave overflow container
centered boolean false ripple always starts from center
duration number 600 ripple duration in ms
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