@CaMer0n CaMer0n released this Aug 22, 2018 · 186 commits to master since this release

Assets 3

Important: anyone experiencing core-prefs backward compatibility issues after this upgrade, please use the e107_2.1.9_bc_patch.zip patch

New features:

  • It is now possible to override the chosen editor pref (WYSIWYG), using the e107::getForm()->bbarea() method by changing the $options array, e.g. $options['wysiwyg'] = 'tinymce4' (#3330)
  • Added option define('X-FRAME-SAMEORIGIN', false); in e107_config to allow for external websites including an e107 website through an iframe (#3101)

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed issue in update routine caused by an incorrect version number (#3302 #3311)
  • Added backwards compatibility fix to handle old data formatting better (#3305)
  • Fixed issue with multiple userclass selection in the Admin UI (#3249)
  • The CSS file ensuring backwards compatibility for non-boostrap or legacy themes (backcompat.css) is now correctly loaded
  • Fixed issue with LAN's not loading properly on contact.php page
  • Fixed issue with parsing the + sign (#3307)
  • Fixed issue with 'To' textbox not showing in mail-out functionality (#3303)
  • Fixed issue with missing navigation text in Admin Area when using 'medium' width devices
  • Improved support for SVG icons (#1958)
  • Fixed several issues related to the displaying of comments (#2425 #2281 #2937)
  • Fixed issue so 'Items per page' option is now respected on custom pages (#3188)
  • Added default custom fields to Bootstrap 3 template (#3103)
  • Improved support for Cyrillic characters on registration and login (#2440)
  • Fixed an issue with the language packs not displaying in the Admin Area (#3059)
  • Added e_gsitemap addon to News and Download plugin (#2606)
  • Fixed an issue with error pages and redirection (#3179)
  • Added new event triggers and notifications for the Forum plugin: user_forum_topic_created_probationary, user_forum_topic_updated, ser_forum_topic_moved, user_forum_topic_deleted, user_forum_topic_split, user_forum_post_created, user_forum_post_updated, user_forum_post_deleted, user_forum_post_report
  • Added BBcode template for Forum plugin (#3317)
  • New preferences in Forum plugin which allow to choose between BBcode or TinyMCE editor (#3318)
  • Fixed issues with Forum plugin URLs (#3171)
  • Fixed URL issue in Forum plugin when moving a forum topic (#3244)
  • Improved Forum parsing: forum titles are only shown using plain text (no HTML or BBcode) (#3245)
  • Plugin Builder generated output improved with examples of custom filter and batch options.
  • Fixed an issue in the forum plugin when marking a forum topic as 'read' (#3338)
  • Fixed issue in the featurebox plugin which caused debug information to show (#3290 #3074)
  • Fixed issue with incorrect 'update required' message showing for the featurebox plugin
  • Several PHP 7 compatibility fixes
  • And dozens more fixes and improvements