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@CaMer0n CaMer0n released this May 19, 2019 · 86 commits to master since this release


  • The minimum PHP version as of 2.2.0 is now set to 5.6. Using PHP 7.1+ is recommended.
  • If you use any PHP version lower than 5.6, your website may break!
  • Bootstrap 4 Library has been updated to latest version: 4.3.1. See examples in the bootstrap4 theme
  • FontAwesome has been updated to the latest version 5.7.2. See examples in the _blank theme (theme.xml and theme.php)
  • db_Fetch() in e_LEGACY_MODE permanently removed. Old plugins should use e107::getDb->fetch('both'); if this is still required.
  • Changes to comments: Any reference to #comments-container (div ID) in the theme must be changed to .comments-container (div class) (#1944)

New features:

  • GDPR features: added "Privacy Policy" and "Terms and conditions" preferences. Added {SIGNUP_GDPR_PRIVACYPOLICY_LINK} and {SIGNUP_GDPR_TERMSANDCONDITIONS_LINK} shortcodes. (#3175 and #3579).
  • Admin Login with email address is now functional
  • Chatbox plugin: new default templates added (#3630)
  • Constants SITENAME SITEDESCRIPTION can be overridden using English_custom.php or English_global.php plugin LAN files.
  • Added more styling functionality to {SIGNUP_IMAGES} and {SIGNUP_SIGNUP_TEXT} (#3582) and {LOGIN_*} shortcodes (#3466)
  • Added event triggers for rate/like functionality: user_like_submitted & user_rate_submitted (#3552)
  • Added load() method for the e_admin addon. See _blank plugin for examples. (#3695)
  • New MySQL database export method integrated to increase performance when creating a backup
  • "Under the hood" preparations to clean-up existing code (improving code quality) and introduction of new (database) interfaces for better support of up-to-date technology and easier 'hookings' of other/external interfaces (e.g. databases)
  • For developers: automated tests added in e107-test repository (to prevent bugs from being introduced, rather than having to fix them after they are an issue)
  • FontAwesome is now used by the NextPrev
  • New method added e107::getUserClass()->getUsersInClass
  • News e_related, added {RELATED_DATE} shortcode
  • Added afterPrefsSave() method in Admin-UI (#3799)

Fixes & Improvements

  • Several improvements to plugin installation and related addons (#3531, #3536, #3592)
  • Improvements to plugin identification when checking for updates (#3711)
  • Several fixes to the Private Messenger plugin (#1758, #3413)
  • Several fixes to the Banner plugin (#3141)
  • Several fixes to the FAQ plugin
  • Several fixes to the Forum plugin: not being able to move a forum post (#3619), forum moderators permissions (#3490), deleting of last post (#3490), forum pagination, newforumposts plugin (#3757), inline editing of forum name was changing SEF URL (#3798)
  • Several fixes to the Download plugin (#3201, #3189, #3199, #2486, #3787)
  • Fixed an issue where the verification of LAN pack would falsely return errors (#3632)
  • Fixes to 'type' => 'country' in the Admin-UI (#3644)
  • Enhancements to the 'search' functionality in Admin-UI across different fields
  • User Extended Field country correctly displayed in User Profile (#3646)
  • User Extended Fields 'read' permission is now properly checked (#1799)
  • Avatars now support 'crop' to allow for non-square images. Simple usage: {USER_AVATAR: w=150&h=150&crop=1&shape=circle} (#3721)
  • Fixed an issue with the Admin Area > Preferences page crashing on specific Windows server environments (#3625)
  • Fixed an issue with the SEF URL configuration when social network tracking queries were used (e.g. Facebook links) (#3546)
  • Several improvements to theme layout detection
  • Improved user_forum_post_report, user_forum_post_report and user_forum_topic_created_probationary event triggers (#3618)
  • Improved filetypes and filesize checks when uploading files (#3507, #3460)
  • Added /contact SEF URL (#3566)
  • Fixed an issue with navigation (site links) icons not resizing properly (#3712)
  • Fixed an issue with list() method in the the e_admin addon (#3695)
  • Fixed an issue with userclasses being reset when 'probationary' user was automatically promoted to 'normal' user (#3657)
  • Rewritten "password reset" functionality to support webmail software pre-loading links. Links expire in 10 minutes now. (#3443)
  • "Required fields" indicator now properly showing on signup page and usersettings (profile) (#3676)
  • Relative datestamp now properly distinguishes between past and future dates (#3605)
  • Improved backwards compatibility when using BBcodes and WYSIWYG editor
  • Fixed an issue with Admin Help text not displaying in correct language (#3485)
  • Several enhancements to handle deprecated mysql_*() methods and improved PDO usage
  • Several compatibility fixes with Bootstrap 4 (#2962, #2969, and others)
  • Several PHP 7 compatibility fixes (#3216, #3596, #3562 and others)
  • PHPMailer upgraded to 5.2.27
  • plupload upgraded to v2.3.6
  • And dozens more fixes and improvements
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