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Firehose for the federated social web



You'll need four things to get started:

  • node.js 4.x or higher
  • npm 2.15.x or higher (4.x or above preferred)

Local install

You need clone the git repository:

git clone

And install the dependencies using npm:

cd ofirehose
npm install

Database setup

OFirehose uses databank. Any databank driver should work. couchbase, mongodb and redis are probably the best bets for production servers, but the disk or even memory drivers can work for testing.

If you're confused, just use the MongoDB one, databank-mongodb.

You can find other drivers like so:

npm search databank

You can install in the ofirehose directory as a normal dependency. For example, the databank driver for MongoDB:

npm install databank-mongodb

Note that you also need to install and configure your database server. For example, in Debian derivatives:

apt-get install mongodb


OFirehose requires a configuration file located in /etc/ofirehose.json or ~/.ofirehose.json; either of the two options are fine. You can also specify a different config file with -c.

In addition to JSON configuration files, you can also pass these options directly on the commandline, as well as via environment variables prefixed with OFIREHOSE_.

Available parameters

  • driver The databank driver you're using. Defaults to memory; not recommended for production.
  • params Databank driver params; see the databank driver README for details on what to put here.
  • key If you're using SSL, the path to the server key, like "/etc/ssl/private/myserver.key". Defaults null.
  • cert If you're using SSL, the path to the server cert, like "/etc/ssl/private/myserver.crt". Defaults null.
  • server The address on which "publish/subscribe" PubSubHubbub/WebSub will happen. Defaults to machine hostname.
  • address The address to listen on. Defaults the same value of server option. Use this if you've got some kind of load-balancer or NAS or whatever and your local IP doesn't map to the IP of the hostname.
  • port Port to listen on. Defaults to 443 when key is set or 80 otherwise. Change this if you've got some kind of load-balancer.


Copyright 2012-2014 E14N

Copyright 2017 AJ Jordan, Camilo QS

OFirehose is licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0. See the LICENSE file for the full license text.