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Import a backup from StatusNet #260

evanp opened this Issue · 8 comments

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We should be able to import a backup file from StatusNet.


I hope the backup file includes (dents, bookmarks, followers, following, ...)

How is assured that the original persons from let's say stay the same ?
There could be a warning at import time: on this pumpIO instance there is already userX
What would you like to do?
Action A, B, C


The default backup file for StatusNet users includes: notices, followers and following, likes, group membership.

I think it's most likely that I'll do a site-wide import process first (since I need it to port over), then a per-user import.


I should write this up in longer form, but here is how I retired a StatusNet instance and merged it into WordPress:

  • Transform the backup.atom to an RSS file using an XSLT.
  • Imported the RSS into a staging WordPress instance, and changed all the tag links to point to the local site.
  • Set up redirects on the old domain (I forget how I did this, probably both in WP and DNS).

It mostly worked out well, except of course the conversations are swiss cheese.

@evanp What would a site-wide import contain? If we can build a StatusNet-like service on top of, then I am going to do the same with


This may be an independent issue, happy to add one if so.

I hope that an import will include setting up permanent redirects (or using old URLs, though I don't expect that) for SN notices and conversations. Cool URIs and all that (but I'm mostly self-interested in that I link to and occasionally even refer back to old notices/conversations).


@mlinksva, do you mean for site-wide exports? I've only done individual accounts, so I am not sure how the URLs should work in that case. This is probably related to #199.


@maiki a SN backup (I speculate) includes a canonical identifier for each notice, as does the Atom/AS for a single notice, eg includes id =

If importing that export, /notice/1 ought redirect to wherever prefers it to be, or supported directly.


I think the URLs should change but the IDs should not.


Oh, and for backing up on StatusNet to on, I think we'll just redirect the URLs.

@evanp evanp modified the milestone: 0.4.0, 0.3.0
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