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Embedded images in notes #367

evanp opened this Issue Jan 26, 2013 · 5 comments

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evanp commented Jan 26, 2013

Add an image in-line for a note in the Web UI.

This seems pretty advanced for a note; the three main social networks I can think of (Facebook, Twitter, and Google+) don't allow this, but I'm pretty sure you can do it with Wordpress.

Another option might be attaching an image to the end of a note.


What does in-line mean ?
I thought instinctively to drag + drop an image onto the GUI, which would be nice
based on some predefined settings there could be actions triggered (post right away or save in my storage ...)

it could work for any kind of media which one drag + drops onto the GUI


  • no clicking
  • good for devices which offer such things already
E14N member
evanp commented Jan 26, 2013

@Erkan-Yilmaz I think it means being able to do an image between paragraphs or even inside a paragraph. There are a few WYSIWYG editors that do it. It's more common in content management systems than social networks.

E14N member
evanp commented Jan 26, 2013

The WYSIHTML5 package I'm using for WYSIWYG editing supports it. I need to take a while to think about whether that more complicated interface is justified.

shtrom commented Apr 30, 2013

Ah, this might partially answer my question in #577. Notes and pictures are different kinds of objects, are they?

@larjona larjona added the webui label Mar 17, 2016
larjona commented Mar 17, 2016

This can be done with Dianara desktop client, at least. Hence I'm tagging this issue "webui".

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