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Single‐user mode #422

johndrinkwater opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Like StatusNet’s, be able to configure a single account for the server.

#388 is somewhat related, as the user ID could be stripped.


Yeah, I'm mixed on this. It adds a lot of complexity and edge cases without a huge upside. You can work around right now by registering one user and then turning off registration.


@johndrinkwater, do you have a particular need for this? Having a single user and turning off registration seems to be the way to go, but I am interested in use cases. My experience in running multiple single- and multi-user StatusNet instances was that the benefits of single-user could have been handled in different parts of the software, and of the dozen people I hosted for, they all eventually wanted me to open them up so they could invite their friends.

Not a robust survey, but considering that we don't have a bunch of Freedom Boxes floating around, folks are likely to cluster around whichever friend they have hosting a pump, and I don't think single-user instance is worth the effort. I am open to being convinced otherwise. ^_^


Just wanted it running on my personal domain in a /subdir/ and a want for keeping URLs terse, and server redirect config minimal. I can understand its probably more effort than its worth to work in as standard - i’ll likely just maintain some personal tweaks otherwise.


I had thought as much, those were my reasons as well. I believe that the installation directory and URL structure are great feature requests! Single-user and those features are probably separate. Scan the features and see if there is anything like them; I recall there being a discussion about URL structure.

For reference, I have always wanted a way to use webfinger as a directory guide, so every site I use knows me as, and when something tries to discover me it passes along what it is looking for, such as a pump instance or something OStatus compatible. Then I can just drop in a couple of lines pointing them where my endpoints are, and I get to be for everything.


@johndrinkwater I don't think it's going to work well in a subdir, either.

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