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Having a chronological inbox is good. It's the right way to do things. But we should also have a "smart" inbox.

I think a smart inbox would show you activities similar to the ones that you've already interacted with. By interact with, I mean:

  • Reply to
  • Like
  • Share
  • Click on a link in the content of (?)

A bayesian filter could be used to learn which things you interact with; it could probably work the same way as the Activity Spam server (but with different criteria per user).

There's also the affinity network; it may make sense to show activities that people you follow have interacted with.


perhaps an option to deactivate (1) this would be also nice:

  • not that the system "removes" info you want (e.g. the bayesian filter for spams on identica has friendly fire)
  • or that people claim later on: Facebook doesn't show me this and that (replace FB with any service you like)

(1) or showing this "smart inbox" distinguished to all info ?

@larjona larjona added the webui label Mar 17, 2016
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