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'does not implement registration_endpoint' error on remote login #541

mrvdb opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Using :
1. / Login
2. Account on other server
3. my webfinger

Error: does not implement registration_endpoint
at (/opt/
at next (/opt/
at Function.hostmeta (/opt/
at next (/opt/
at Function.xrd2jrd (/opt/
at next (/opt/
at Parser.exports.Parser.Parser.parseString (/opt/
at Parser.EventEmitter.emit (events.js:96:17)
at Object.exports.Parser.Parser.reset.saxParser.onclosetag (/opt/
at emit (/opt/


On subsequent attempts, there is no response at all (in the example from and the request times out eventually. During this process I do not see any traffic coming in.
I have tried the above with and without the sockjs setting to 'true'


For security reasons, we check the HTTPS endpoints before we check the HTTP endpoints.

But your server is serving a different cert on the HTTPS port, for

It's probably because you're proxying, right?


yes, i am proxying


Disabling https temporarily does not seem to change anything. Are you saying only https is supported or am I misunderstanding.


@mrvdb no, HTTPS and HTTP are supported, but it tries HTTPS first.


Pulled the git repository this morning. It works for my configuration now.

@evanp evanp closed this
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