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XML Parser Plugin for Rainmeter
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Xml Parser Plugin for Rainmeter

This plugin is a wrapper around .Net System.Xml libraries.


Download latest build

Drop XmlParser.dll into Rainmeter Plugins Folder


The plugin requires a Source and a Query. The string result returned is just the result of the XPath query (serialized if it is a list of nodes).

In most cases the desired result will be to get the the inner text of some element. XPath provides functions for this:

  • text() gets the text from a node
  • string() converts XPath result node to a string
  • normalize-space() trims leading and trailing whitespace

Source: valid xml string

Query: XPath query.

Join: (Optional) A string to use when joining Xml elements if the query results in multiple elements. Default ","


Source=<message><warning>Hello World</warning></message>
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