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Welcome to the e2guardian wiki!

E2guardian is a fork of Dansguardian Project with many improvements and bug fixes and an active development community.

If you need help please look through the pages and this wiki and if that doesn't help considering asking on the Google group before opening an issue.


  • Built-in content scanner plugin system which includes AV scanning.
  • Can be configured to have multiple filter configurations to provide varying degrees of web filtering to different groups of users.
  • SSL Inspection (Version 3.1 Needed)
  • NTLM and persistent connection support.
  • Digest authentication support
  • Basic authentication support
  • IP authentication support
  • DNS authentication support
  • Header analysis and manipulation - you can also manipulate cookies -
  • Large file (2GB+) download & scanning support
  • Whitelist domains and urls
  • Blacklist domains and urls
  • Greylist domains and urls
  • Deny regular Expressions on urls, body content, and headers (also in greylist mode)
  • URL regular expression replacement so you can for example force safe search in search engines
  • Deep URL scanning to spot URLs in URLs to for example block images in Google images
  • Advanced advert blocking
  • Many performance improvements
  • Updates to handle all current web technology trends
  • Blanket SSL blocking so you can block SSL anonymous proxies (without using SSL Bump)
  • Limit POST size (upload)
  • Temporary bypass provides a “click to acknowledge” capability
  • Referer Exceptions Exceptions based on URL in referring url
  • Time Based Blocking
  • ... And more ...


Please see pick from a topic below depending on what you're looking for:

1 - Installation

[2 - Reporting an issue](Reporting Issues)

3 - Configuration

[4 - Performance tuning](Performance Tuning)

Contact information and help

If you'd like to reach out to developers and the rest of the community the best way is the Google Group:


Report an issue

If you'd like to report an issue please use the E2G's Issue tracker. Please stick to actual issue and feature requests for this tracker. If you just have a question use the group mentioned in the previous section.

If you are reporting an issue please be sure to mention the following information:

  • E2G version
  • Proxy used and version
  • Your client and browser
  • OS and version
  • The steps to reproduce the issue
  • Any relevant logs from /var/log/e2guardian/access.log or wherever you are sending your logs to if you changed the default path.

The team will do its best to comment on the issue in a timely fashion, thank you

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