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After having opened :doc:`my first webshop <ive-opened-my-first-webshop>`, I've now started my first affiliate program. It works like this:

  • Affiliates get in touch with me and get a personalized discount/affiliate code.
  • When somebody uses that specific code, they get 20% off the full price of the software
  • The affiliate then gets to keep 50% of the amount paid by the customer

Depending on which product the customer chooses, the affiliate receives:

  • $40 for the Enterprise version (full price $99,99, customer gets it for $79,99)
  • $14 for the Pro version (full price $34,99, customer gets it for $27,99)

Don't hesitate: it costs you nothing and pays well, so learn more about the program and get your own affiliate code today!