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<p class="first">FunScripts Project only collects scripts which improve my <strong><em>productive</em></strong> in daily will contain something written by Python,Perl,Shell even PowerShell.
More for this, I will note above all the scripts with weblog <strong><em><a href=""></a></em></strong>.</p>

<h2>Problem &amp; Solve</h2>

<li><strong><em>Subversion Merge</em></strong> &mdash;&mdash; @ <strong><em>shell</em></strong></li>

<li><strong><em>Subverion Update Daemon</em></strong> &mdash;&mdash; @ <strong><em>perl</em></strong></li>

<li><strong><em>Subversion Server Distribute Project</em></strong> &mdash;&mdash; @ <strong><em>perl</em></strong></li>

<li><strong><em>Text Mining (Extract Text Information From HTML Pages) With Denisty And FDR Algotithm</em></strong> &mdash;&mdash; text-mining/ @ <strong><em>python</em></strong></li>

<li><strong><em>Text Mining (Extract Text Information From HTML Pages) With FANN(MLP)</em></strong> &mdash;&mdash; text-mining/ @ <strong><em>python</em></strong></li>

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