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Brick Racer! A racing game made for Ludum Dare 40. Got ranked #12 of 1818 in the fun category!
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Brick Racer


Game made for Ludum Dare 40 Jam. Theme: "The more you have, the worse it is"


Brick Racer! Reach the end of the race track as fast as possible without dying. The more health you have the slower your speed will be. Hit gray blocks to lose health and hit green ones to gain health. In order to get a good time, you need to keep your health as low as possible without dying.

A: Move left D: Move right M: Mute sound

v2: The more health you have the slower you move, lower the faster. 100 total health Obstacles drain health, some drain 1

BUGG: Health stops spawning sometimes


  • Endless space racer on 3 lanes.
  • The more lives you have the less points you get over time
  • The more points you get the harder it gets
  • Goal is to stay alive and gain as many points as possible
  • Obstacles removes lives
  • Game over when health reaches 0
  • It should be rewarding to stay close to 1 health
  • Bonus (if time): Avoid bugs! More bugs you get the harder it gets, a bug can be ship starts spinning, controls flips, camera changes fov etc


Two types of controls: Snappy:

  • Hold left to snap to left lane
  • Hold right to snap to right lane
  • Release keys to snap to middle line


  • Press left to snap to a lane to the left
  • Press right to snap to a lane to the right




  • 3 lanes

  • endless

  • bent world shader

  • ship forward movement

  • ship horizontal movement, left moves left a lane and vice versa

  • health

  • main menu

  • obstacles

  • obstacle spawner

  • health objects

  • health spawner

  • start countdown or some sequence

  • Camera follow ship


  • online highscore


  • Hit decrease obstacle
  • Hit increase obstacle
  • Goal


  • score
  • snap to world (... forgot what I meant here)


  • pause menu
  • bugs
  • more health = more bugs
  • slow motion when hitting bugs
  • Jump
  • Second control, hold left for left lane and right for right lane


In the beginning

Per User

  • (Optional) Move content in "GameEngine Data" to your Unity installation to override default C# script

Per Team

  • Change /unity-project-folder/ name
  • Decide folder structure (!_Game_ByAssetType vs !_Game_ByEntity) Rename to !_Game, delete unwanted one
  • Decide what thirdparty libraries to use
  • Update .gitignore in /unity-project-folder/ to include or exlude third party libraries. Prefix with ! to flip folders
  • Don't commit PAID libraries if going open source
  • Set Company name in "Project Settings > Player Settings" to team name
  • Set Product name in "Project Settings > Player Settings" to project name
  • Decide Time Settings (Default timestep is 0.02, project is set to 0.04)
  • Decide script structures (Update default c# monobehaviour-script if needed)
  • If you're using a newer unity version, check if .gitignore is still valid;

At the end

Per Team Before Final build

  • Backup project
  • Set final Company name in "Project Settings > Player Settings"
  • Set final Product name in "Project Settings > Player Settings"
  • Remove paid tools
  • Double check paid tools from commit history if going public
  • Remove placeholders
  • Add Unity version used to the readme
  • Add Third party tools versions to the readme
  • WebGL: Remove exceptions handling

Optimization Checklist

  • Remove empty Update methods
  • Cache components
  • Profile
  • Merge meshes
  • Texture atlases
  • Share materials

List of Thirdparty Libraries and tools


(Included in repository)
An Animation and tweening library.
Version: 1.1.640

  • Demigiant/DOTween
  • Resources/DOTweenSettings.asset


An online high score/leader board.
The private and public key isn't included in the repository.
You have to add your own, see example file.

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