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Miles Ahead


The project needs libfluidsynth to work. Also, I have not completely tested it on Linux yet. It works great on Mac OS X and with the right makefile it'd work on Windows as well as it doesn't have any dependencies apart from fluidsynth and OpenGL. Simply install libfluidsynth and then run 'make'. Run ./milesAhead from the Terminal. You need either a MIDI controller or run vkeys on Linux or MidiKeys on Mac OS.


With a backing track: Play a backing track anyway you want. Adjust the tempo to match with the backing track. Press 'sync' on the 1st beat and press 'metronome' to switch off the metronome and jam normally as if you were with a person. Adjust the parameters as desired while jamming. For using it without a backing track, simply jam on the MIDI instrument and adjust the parameters as desired.