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  • Light weight (<2KB gzipped)
  • Easily bind callbacks for swipe, drag, and tap

##Requirements jquery.tactile.js has the following requirements:

  • jQuery (1.7 or greater)


    'swipe': function(e){ alert('swiped!') },
    'drag': function(e){ console.log('dragging!') }

Tact provides the following gesture events:

  1. swipe The swipe event is based on the velocity of a drag. The event is triggered in touchend, prior to tact's dragend event.

  2. dragstart The dragstart event is triggered after a user has touched the element and moved greater than the threshold (minimum of 10px), without lifting their finger/input. Currently, vertical dragging is not supported. The event is called within touchmove.

  3. drag The drag event is triggered after dragstart, in subsequent touchmove events.

  4. dragend The dragend event is triggered at the end of a touch event (in touchend). It is triggered after the swipe event.

  5. tap The tap event allows elements to be "tapped" on, avoiding the 300ms delay (if present) on touch devices.

During the callback, the original touchevent object is passed. Tactile extends the event object to include a gesture object. The gesture object shares the following properties across gestures:

 e.gesture.type (string, event type, e.g. drag, swipe, tap)
 e.gesture.id (number, the touch ID)
 e.gesture.start (number, touch event start time)

The following property is specific to drag/swipe:

e.gesture.dir (number, -1 or 1)
e.gesture.delta.x (number, the difference between the starting 'x' point and current point)
e.gesture.delta.y (number, the difference between the starting 'y' point and current point)
e.gesture.swipe (boolean, whether a swipe occurred based on velocity)

Finally, jquery.tactile.js accepts the following string arguments:

$('.selector').tact('disable'); // Disables tactile.js from triggering touch-events for the element
$('.selector').tact('enable'); // Enables tactile.js to trigger touch-events for element
$('.selector').tact('destroy'); // Removes touch handlers on element, destroys tact-related data

##Author Jack Pattishall