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Telemetry (Live Data)

One of the benefits of using a smartphone to log the data is it’s internet connection. With the exception of some tracks with poor signal, this provides an excellent opportunity to get the logged data back to the rest of the team in near real time.

Ideally this system would be simple to use, free to use and secure - we don’t want to publicly broadcast anyone’s location, and some teams are understandably secretive about their data! While we work out how to implement this properly, we found an interim solution using

eChook has no affiliation with, they are simply useful service that we’ve found.

We are in the process of building an in house telemetry system that will be both private and free to use - hopefully this will be up and running for the start of the 2018 season (Currently open for Beta testing. Give us a shout on the forum/slack if you want in).

Data available in telemetry:

Data Identifier Unit Comment
Total Voltage Vt Volts Combined voltage of both batteries - ~24V expected
Lower Battery Voltage V1 Volts Upper battery voltage can be calculated on freeboard by Vt-V1
Current A Amps
Vehicle Speed Spd Meters per second Multiply by 2.23694 for MPH
Throttle Thrtl Percent
Temperature 1 Tmp1 °C
Temperature 2 Tmp2 °C
Amp Hours Used AH Amp hours
Lap Number Lap - Current Lap number as counted by the app.
Gear Gear - Current gear as calculated by app
Brake Applied Brk - 100 if brake is applied, 0 if not.
Longitude Lon Degrees GPS Longitude. (Not available through
Latitude Lat Degrees GPS Latitude. (Not available through
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