Designspark Schematics and PCB files, and PCB Gerber Files
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Gerbers initial commit of V1.1 Jun 7, 2017
GerbersV1.2 V1.2 - improved solder mask tolerances, added test points and silkscr… Jul 28, 2017
eChookNano (Bill Of Materials).csv Added BOM Jun 8, 2017
eChookNano (PCB - Design Rule Check Report).txt
eChookNano (PCB - Forward Design Changes Report).txt
eChookNano (PCB - Measure Report).txt
eChookNano (PCB - Pour Copper Report).txt
eChookNano (PCB - Schematic and PCB Check Report).txt
eChookNano - PCB.pdf

eChook Nano PCB

This is the RS DesignSpark PCB project file and associated gerber files and BOM for the eChook Nano PCB v1.2

eChook Specific Libraries not included yet.

Designspark 8 PCB required to view these files.