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Mycroft Skill/Integration for Homeassistant
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Home Assistant Skill for Mycroft

based off the original code from, spun off my own version since they seem to be inactive.

This is a skill to add Home Assistant support to Mycroft. Currently is supports turning on and off several entity types (light, switch, scene, groups and input_boolean).


You can always find me in the mycroft slack channel here,


Clone the repository into your ~/.mycroft/skills directory. Then install the dependencies inside your mycroft virtual environment:

If on picroft just skip the workon part and the directory will be /opt/mycroft/skills

cd ~/.mycroft/skills
git clone HomeAssistantSkill
workon mycroft
cd HomeAssistantSkill
pip install -r requirements.txt


Add a block to your ~/.mycroft/mycroft.conf file like this:

  "HomeAssistantSkill": {
    "host": "",
    "password": "mysupersecrethasspass",
    "ssl": true|false

NOTE: SSL support is currently secure as it does verify the cert.

You will then need to restart mycroft.


Say something like "Hey Mycroft, turn on living room lights". Currently available commands are "turn on" and "turn off". Matching to Home Assistant entity names is done by scanning the HA API and looking for the closest matching friendly name. The matching is fuzzy (thanks to the fuzzywuzzy module) so it should find the right entity most of the time, even if Mycroft didn't quite get what you said. I have further expanded this to also look at groups as well as lights. This way if you say turn on the office light, it will do the group and not just 1 light, this can easily be modified to your preference by just removing group's from the fuzzy logic in the code.

Example Code: So in the code in this section you can just remove group, etc to your liking for the lighting. I will eventually set this up as variables you set in your config file soon.

def handle_lighting_intent(self, message):
        entity =["Entity"]
        action =["Action"]
        LOGGER.debug("Entity: %s" % entity)
        LOGGER.debug("Action: %s" % action)
        ha_entity = self.ha.find_entity(entity, ['group','light', 'switch', 'scene', 'input_boolean'])
        if ha_entity is None:
            #self.speak("Sorry, I can't find the Home Assistant entity %s" % entity)
            self.speak_dialog('homeassistant.device.unknown', data={"dev_name": ha_entity['dev_name']})
        ha_data = {'entity_id': ha_entity['id']}

Supported Phrases/Entities

Currently the phrases are:

  • Hey Mycroft, turn on office (turn on the group office)
  • Hey Mycroft, turn on office light (to turn on the light named office)
  • Hey Mycroft, activate Bedtime (Bedtime is an automation)
  • Hey Mycroft, turn on Movietime (Movietime is a scene)
  • Hey Mycroft, ask home asssistant where is/what is something (The something can be a sensor in homeassistant)


  • Script intents processing
  • New intent for opening/closing cover entities
  • New intent for locking/unlocking lock entities (with added security?)
  • New intent for thermostat values, raising, etc.
  • ...


All contributions welcome:

  • Fork
  • Write code
  • Submit merge request



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