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Tools to make working with Symfony Console even more awesome.


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Console Additions

Tools to make working with Symfony Console even more awesome.


This package is available on Packagist:

composer require efrane/console-additions

The Additions


This class offers batching commands of a Symfony Console Application. This can be useful when writing things like deployment or update scripts as console commands which call many other commands in a set order e.g. cache updating, database migrations, etc.

Usage in a Command::execute:

\EFrane\ConsoleAdditions\Command\Batch::create($this->getApplication(), $output)
    ->add('my:command --with-option')
    ->add('my:other:command for-this-input')

Shell Commands

Batches can be an intertwined set of console application and system shell commands. This is an advanced feature which requires the symfony/process package as additional dependency.

Since shell commands internally create Process objects, the Batch API exposes to methods for adding a shell command:

  • addShell adds the process with the given configuration (see Batch::addShell for details)
  • addShellCb(string $cmd, callable $cb) creates the process and passes it to a callback for further configuration. This is especially useful when the desired command requires some kind of process piping.

Silencing Errors

It is possible to run a Batch of commands without throwing exceptions.


This Package offers additional console output interfaces:


FileOutputs write all their data to a file stream and come in to concrete flavours:

  • NativeFileOutput uses the native PHP file streaming functions, thus being a good option for local destinations and depending on your servers PHP streaming protocols configuration it might even suffice for remote destinations.

  • FlysystemFileOutput on the other hand passes the stream data on to a league/flysystem-Adapter, thus being able to send that data to any Flysystem-supported destination, i.e. S3, Dropbox, FTP, etc.


MultiplexedOutput can be used to combine multiple output interfaces to act as one. This is the logical companion of file outputs since usually one would probably want to send the output to the user's console and some other destination. A simple setup inside might look like this:

    class Command extends \Symfony\Component\Console\Command {
        public function execute(InputInterface $input, OutputInterface $output) {
            // send output to multiple destinations
            $output = new \EFrane\ConsoleAdditions\Output\MultiplexedOutput([
                new \EFrane\ConsoleAdditions\Output\NativeFileOutput('command.log')
            // normal console command


Tools to make working with Symfony Console even more awesome.







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