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#PDXCitySync ##Sample applications

This repo contains some sample apps we've built for the CitySync platform, provided as reference for developers. These apps are currently live, and available to users as part of the app catalog on PDX CitySync. For full documentation, visit

###What is PDX CitySync? PDX CitySync is a new platform for engagement, community, and participation from the City of Portland. CitySync provides a great opportunity for civic-minded developers to participate in helping the community access open data through CitySync's application framework. For more information, visit

###Sample Application: School Data Browser The School Data Browser is a full-featured application to demonstrate how the PDX CitySync platform works. Built in PHP and JavaScript, the app allows users to browse performance data for schools in the Portland Public Schools district. The data, originally provided by the Oregon State Board of Education, is available through the CivicApps API, found at


Repo for sample apps found on PDX CitySync



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