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Aether CKAN Kafka Consumer
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Aether CKAN Kafka Consumer

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This is an Aether CKAN Kafka Consumer, which consumes datа from Kafka and feeds CKAN portals with data in the Datastore.

Running the app

The project is setup with Docker. It will spin up an environment with Python 2.7 based on Alpine and install the required dependencies.

To run the app just type:

docker-compose up --timeout 60

The --timeout argument tells Docker how many seconds to wait before it kills the app when it is gracefully stopped. The default is 10 seconds. This should be specified based on how many CKAN portals are configured, and how many datasets need to be feed with data. Because when the app is gracefully stopped, it will send all data processed from Kafka.



The Consumer can be configured via config.json. This is a sample of its shape and data:

    "database": {
        "url": "sqlite:////srv/app/db/consumer.db"
    "kafka": {
        "url": "localhost:9092"
    "ckan_servers": [
            "title": "Local CKAN portal",
            "url": "http://localhost:5000",
            "api_key": "2ef3752c-b615-405d-9627-2bf7321d4rty",
            "datasets": [
                    "metadata": {
                        "title": "Dataset title",
                        "name": "dataset-title",
                        "owner_org": "demo-org",
                        "notes": "Sample data"
                    "resources": [
                            "metadata": {
                                "title": "Sensor data",
                                "description": "Sensor data from wind turbines",
                                "name": "sensor-data"
                            "topics": [
                                    "name": "test",
                                    "number_of_consumers": 1

Available options are:

  • database: Object storing information for local database.
  • database.url: URL where the database is stored.
  • kafka: Object storing information for Kafka.
  • kafka.url: The URL where Kafka is running.
  • ckan_servers: Array of CKAN server instances.
  • ckan_servers.title: Title of the CKAN server instance.
  • ckan_servers.url: The URL where the CKAN server instance is running.
  • ckan_servers.api_key: The API key used for making API calls to a CKAN server instance. The API key should be associated with a user that has privileges to create a dataset in CKAN.
  • ckan_servers.datasets: Array of datasets to feed data with for the CKAN server instance.
  • ckan_servers.datasets.metadata: Metadata information for the dataset that will be created in CKAN.
  • ckan_servers.datasets.metadata.title: Title of the dataset.
  • Name of the dataset. Create a unique name for the dataset. The name should be unique per CKAN instance. For instance, if you want to give the name demo-dataset for the dataset, check the portal at to see if one already exists. Also, keep in mind that datasets you don't have access to (private), will be shown as "Not found" on the CKAN portal. So make sure the name is trully unique for your purpose.
  • ckan_servers.datasets.metadata.owner_org: Name of the organization. For instance, for this organization, the name of the organization is org-name. This name is unique per CKAN instance. Note that this organization must be previously created in CKAN from the UI.
  • ckan_servers.datasets.metadata.notes: Description of the dataset.
  • ckan_servers.datasets.resources: List of resources that should be feed with data.
  • ckan_servers.datasets.resources.metadata: Metadata information for the resource in CKAN.
  • ckan_servers.datasets.resources.metadata.title: Title of the resource.
  • ckan_servers.datasets.resources.metadata.description: Description of the resource.
  • Unique name of the resource. This name should be unique only for the dataset where it is specified, meaning the same name can be used when used in other dataset.
  • ckan_servers.datasets.resources.topics: Array of topics to pull data from for a dataset.
  • Name of the topic in Kafka.
  • ckan_servers.datasets.resources.topics.number_of_consumers: Number of consumers to instantiate for the specified topic. Usually this should be set to 1, but if the volume of data that comes from a topic increases, it should be increased. (Default: 1)

This configuration file is validated against config.schema, which is a JSON Schema file. This makes sure that data in the config.json file is valid, as well as its shape.


All datasets specified in config.json are created in CKAN with default metadata fields obtainted from dataset_metadata.json. They can be overriden per dataset through the config.json file, in the ckan_servers.datasets.resources.metadata object.

Environment variables

In .env, the following variables can be changed:

  • PYTHONUNBUFFERED: Useful for debugging in development. It forces stdin, stdout and stderr to be totally unbuffered. It should be set to any value in order to work.
  • ENVIRONMENT: Can be set to development or production. Default is development.

Running the tests

To run the tests type the following command which also checks for PEP8 errors:

docker-compose -f docker-compose.test.yml up --build
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