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CT-API adapter for the gematik Konnektor
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K2 basecamp

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The dynamic system library K2 basecamp is an implementation of the CT-API standard.
Builds are available for Microsoft Windows, (Ubuntu) Linux and macOS.


  • K2 from eHealth Experts GmbH


Key Value
base_url URL of the REST endpoint of K2 peak.
Default: http://localhost:8088/k2/ctapi
timeout Timeout in seconds for each http request.
Default: 0 (disabled)
log_level Set the verbosity level for logging. Possible values: Off, Error, Info, Debug
Default: Error
log_path Target folder of the log file.
Default: Logging to STDOUT
ctn Set card terminal number to use for all requests. Requires that pn is set!
pn Set port number to use for all requests. Requires that ctn is set!

Environment variable

In order to configure by using envirnoment variables, the above mentioned keys need the prefix K2_ and has to be uppercase, e.g, K2_BASE_URL.

Config file

Multiple file formats are supported: INI JSON YAML

Locate a file with the library name and the corresponding file ending, e.g., ctehxk2.json for Windows or libctehxk2.json for Linux in the working directory.

Use the above mentioned keys in the syntax of the desired file format, e.g., for JSON:

	"log_level": "debug",
	"base_url": "http://localhost:5050"

❗️ Both - environment variables and a config file - can coexist where as the environment variables will have higher priority.

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