Demo page, that refers to my article "Yeah! JPEG with Alpha Transparency!"
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Yeah! JPEG with Alpha Transparency

This is the source of the demo page, that refers to the article Yeah! JPEG with Alpha Transparency!.

Feel free to use the technique and the included Javascript for your own private or commercial needs. It would pleases me a lot if this helps you. Just let me know, so I can be happy about it 😊


First you need two image files:


This file just need to contain your photo, that should have transparent areas at the end.


This file need to have exactly the same pixel dimensions as the JPEG and must contain the transparent areas. The not transparent areas can be simply black.

The Code

Add the javascript to your web page:

<script src="js/jpeg-alpha-transparency.js"></script>

Add images to your body like this:

<img src="images/my-image.jpg" alt="some text" />
<img src="images/my-image.png" class="alphaMask" style="display: none; " aria-hidden="true" />

The IMG element with the PNG must ...

  • be directly behind the IMG element with the JPEG
  • have the class name "alphaMask"
  • be hidden via CSS

The aria-hidden attribute ensures that it will be ignored by screen readers.


The script tries to replace only the value of the src attribute of the first IMG element with a data URI. So, the IMG element itself would persist. But in some situations (especially if the images come from another domain), that will fail. In such cases the script replaces the whole IMG element by a CANVAS element.