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This extension is no longer maintained. If you want to adopt it, please drop me a line.

Who said the speed of light is unbreakable? Zen Coding uses the deep enlightenment of the Zen school to speed up your workflow as never before. Thanks to an incredibly easy-to-use, damn simple CSS-like syntax for writing HTML, XML & XSLT your life won't ever be the same. As speedy as it sounds.

Installation & Updating

Information about installing and updating extensions can be found in the Symphony documentation at


Includes Zen Coding for textarea v0.6 with:

  • XSLT Profile enabled
  • Tabs enabled (press [Tab] to indent)
  • Formatted line breaks enabled (auto-indentation of lines when hitting [Enter])


Meta+E : Expand Abbreviation

Meta+D : Balance Tag Outward

Shift+Meta+D : Balance Tag Inward

Shift+Meta+A : Wrap With Abbreviation

Ctrl+Alt+→ : Next Edit Point

Ctrl+Alt+← : Previous Edit Point

Meta+L : Select Line

Resources & Further readings

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