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Announcing eMir

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From the original list announcement:

Dear all,

I am very pleased to announce the eMir project. eMir is starting out as a fork of Canonical's Mir display server. We were all excited to see someone doing something about the stagnant display server situation, but there are several problems with a Mir project run by Canonical. eMir, or enhanced Mir, aims to be real successor to the dated Linux graphics stack that everyone can contribute to and use.

What's wrong with our current graphics stack?

We all dream of using high-quality mobile and embedded devices running Linux, using a full GNU/fd.o stack. However, consumer demand for fast'n'fluid multi-touch interfaces make this impossible; no such device will ever exist if it needs to run on an X server.

All It Takes Is A Guesture

Canonical recently excited and energised the Free and Open Source Software community with the launch of Mir, a next-generation display server for modern GPUs and SoCs. (Canonical is the parent company of Ubuntu, the world's most popular distro.) It finally looked like we were going to get a modern graphics server that would actually be ready this century. Mir already released version 0.0.2 last February and is still surging ahead.

Why not Wayland?

Wayland had a long time to release something finished, even to give us a sign of progress. The only reason we've seen recent news coverage of Wayland activity is because of the challenge posed by Mir. Recent forking of this project just shows how divided the developer community is. We need something that will work, soon, with a mature and stable developer community behind it.

Why fork Mir?

After the euphoria died down, it became clear that Mir is beset by several problems. Copyright assignment, strong resistance from hold-outs, forcing developers to use Launchpad and general lack of vision necessitated a fork. eMir will have several benefits over Mir:

  • NO CLA. You do not need to sign a CLA to contribute to eMir.
  • INCLUSIVITY. Mir gets criticised for being a one-distro show. eMir is a distro-neutral project that everyone can use, and everyone will need to support.
  • GITHUB. All proper open source projects use git, and everyone is just using GitHub. With a project based on GitHub all interested contributors can easily fork their own development branches, and send pull requests when they're ready.
  • AVAILABLE. Once we are ready, eMir will always be packaged for - and run on - the latest version of Fedora. No need to keep compiling things yourself if you just want to use it. The goal is to make it the default display server for Fedora 21, for the 21st century.
  • PROGRESS. eMir will adopt a modern versioning scheme and not look like a dinosaur. Mozilla got the message that they need rapid releases with human-understandable version numbers to get noticed, not rubbish like 0.0.2 etc. We can beat Wayland and be at version 2 in a month.

Will this just slow Mir development?

As the obvious successor to Mir, we expect most activity to be behind our project. All future progress will be made here.

Either way, interested contributors need not worry about cross-posting patches to Mir lists. All our changes will be available in a publicly-available repo on GitHub, which the Mir team can just pull from when they need to.

Where can I get eMir, so I can start contributing?

Come join in at !

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