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eMoflon Core

This repository holds core components of the model-driven engineering tool eMoflon.

Capabilities of eMoflon Core:

  • Basic EMF builder (An autobuilder that regenerates Java code whenever you modify an .ecore file)
  • eMoflon perspective
  • eMoflon console

How to install

Eclipse update site available at

Supplementary information hosts the eMoflon website with general information. provides documentation and the Wiki of eMoflon.

Visit to report any issues.

Licensing information can be found in

How to set up an eMoflon Core developer workspace

  • Install Eclipse Oxygen 2 with Modeling Tools (or higher)
  • Install XText 2.12.0 (or higher)
    • See Help -> Eclipse Marketplace... -> Find 'Eclipse XText'
    • Note: The entry says '2.11.0,' but 2.12.0 will be installed.
  • Clone Git repository from here:
  • Import the PSF file located here:
  • Run all MWE2 workflows to generate XText-specific code
    • See "Open Resource" dialog (Ctrl+Shift+R) -> Filter for files ending with .mwe2
  • Make sure that autobuild is active so that the remaining code is generated and the Java compiler gets triggered.
    • See Project -> Build Automatically
  • To test your setup,
    1. open a runtime Eclipse workspace,
    2. create a new eMoflon EMF project (File -> New -> Other... -> Filter for 'eMoflon' -> New eMoflon EMF Project Wizard),
    3. add a dummy class to the .ecore file in the /models folder of the freshly created project, and
    4. observe how eMoflon generates the corresponding EMF-compliant Java code into the /gen folder.

How to provide the eMoflon Core update site

  • Follow the instructions in org.moflon.core.releng.updatesite/ for building and releasing the update site

How to work with Tycho

  • Make sure that Maven is installed
    • See Help -> Install new Software... -> Filter for 'm2e' or look into 'General Purpose Tools/m2e - Maven Integration for Eclipse'
  • Launch the launch configuration located here: /org.moflon.core.tycho.parent/.launch/emoflon-core.launch