eMoflon FAQ

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How do I solve validation problems?

Of course, this highly depends on your concrete specification, but we have collected a number of typical solutions here.

How can I export my metamodels in EA as graphics?

  • You may copy and paste directly from EA to e.g. PowerPoint.
  • You may select File -> Print to PDF...
  • You may use the SVG Diagram Export Add-In to create SVG files

Why don't I see the most recent eMoflon beta version in the Eclipse update dialog?

Eclipse caches state information about update sites. This may lead to the situation that the actual version of eMoflon does not conform to the version displayed inside Eclipse's update dialog.


  • You may try to restart eclipse using eclipse -clean.
  • You may clear the global Eclipse cache by removing the folder %HOME%/.eclipse/org.eclipse.oomph.p2/cache

When trying to install eMoflon (>=2.13.0), I get the error 'Missing bundle org.eclipse.emf.mwe2.launch'


  • From version 2.13.0 on, eMoflon requires XText support, which can be easily installed from the Eclipse marketplace.

Why is my eMoflon EA addin not being loaded?

In some cases the EA addin may not be loaded. When taking a look at Extensions -> Manage Addins..., you may recognize an error message such as "Error - Missing (0x800401f3)":

Solution 1: Check that you have installed .NET version 4.5 or above.

Solution 2: Re-install the eMoflon addin.

Solution 3: Add the following registry key-value pair to your registry:

  • Key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Sparx Systems/EAAddins/EAEcoreAddin
  • Value: EAEcoreAddin.Main

Solution 3: Some people reported that starting EA using a second Windows user may help see here.

How can I work with Antlr and eMoflon at the same time?

Answer: You may work with either Antlr 3 or Antlr 4 within the same Eclipse plugin project, when using eMoflon.

  • Antlr 4 is provided via the bundle org.stringtemplate (should be contained in the eMoflon update site, originally from http://gervarro.org/external)
  • Antlr 3 is provided via the bunlde org.moflon.core.utilities.
  • If you encounter problems in your setup, please contact us via the issue tracker (https://github.com/eMoflon/emoflon-tool/issues) or mail to contact AT emoflon DOT org

How to work with eMoflon and Democles in parallel?

Problem: Eclipse will not let you install eMoflon and Democles in parallel if the version of the latter mismatches the Democles version required by eMoflon.

Solution: Integrate Democles into your current platform by using the Target Platform mechanism of Eclipse:

  1. Windows -> Preferences -> Plug-in Development/Target Platform
  2. Add
  3. Current Target -> Next
  4. Choose an appropriate name (e.g., Democles-enabled Platform)
  5. Add -> Software Site (Repeat for each of the following bullets)
  6. Finish
  7. Tick your shiny new Democles-enabled platform. After closing the dialog, a full build of your workspace should be triggered.

How to avoid auto-builds of large integration (=TGG) projects

(General alternative: Disable auto-build via Project -> Build Automatically)

  1. Navigate to the .project file of the project.
  2. Find the entry of the IntegrationBuilder and add/modify the trigger parameter as follows:

How to avoid auto-builds of large repository (=SDM) projects

Follow the instructions for integration (=TGG) projects in the previous how-to, but replace IntegrationBuilder with RepositoryBuilder.

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