MiguelCompany and richiware Remove samples on volatile publishers (#249)
This commit squashed from the following commits:

* Refs #3290. Added tests reproducing the issue.
* Refs #3290. Setting changes for best-effort readers to ACKNOWLEDGED when all fragments have been sent.
* Refs #3290. Checking auto acknowledged changes on async writes.
* Refs #3273.Create a test to check that the history of a writer using VOLATILE and BEST_EFFORT is empty at the end of the sending process
* Refs #3290. Refactored sample removal responsibility to PublisherImpl.
* Refs #3290. Fixing warnings and style
* Refs #3290. Fixing blackbox test.
* Consistent calls to new callback
* const on is_acked_by_all
* Fixing warnings
Latest commit 7b2c5b9 Sep 3, 2018