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eProsima Micro XRCE-DDS

eProsima Micro XRCE-DDS is a software solution which allows to communicate eXtremely Resource Constrained Environments (XRCEs) with an existing DDS network. This implementation complies with the specification proposal, "eXtremely Resource Constrained Environments DDS (DDS-XRCE)" submitted to the Object Management Group (OMG) consortium.

Micro XRCE-DDS implements a client-server protocol to enable resource-constrained devices (clients) to take part in DDS communications. Micro XRCE-DDS Agent (server) makes possible this communication. The Micro XRCE-DDS Agent acts on behalf of the Micro XRCE-DDS Clients and enables them to take part as DDS publishers and/or subscribers in the DDS Global Data Space.

Micro XRCE-DDS provides both, a plug and play Micro XRCE-DDS Agent and an API layer which allows you to implement your Micro XRCE-DDS Clients.



You can access the documentation online, which is hosted on Read the Docs.

Getting Help

If you need support you can reach us by mail at support@eProsima.com or by phone at +34 91 804 34 48.