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Shapes Demo

ShapesDemo is an interactive example for testing how eProsima Fast RTPS working in the DDS Global Data Space. Because eProsima Micro XRCE-DDS aims to connect an XRCE Client to the DDS World, in this example, we will create a Client which will interact with the Shapes Demo. It can be found at examples/uxr/client/ShapeDemoClient inside of the installation directory. This interactive Client waits for user input indicating commands to execute.

The available commands are the following:

Creates a Session, if exists, reuse it.
create_participant <participant id>:
Creates a Participant on the current session.
create_topic <topic id> <participant id>:
Registers a Topic using <participant id> participant.
create_publisher <publisher id> <participant id>:
Creates a Publisher on <participant id> participant.
create_subscriber <subscriber id> <participant id>:
Creates a Subscriber on <participant id> participant.
create_datawriter <datawriter id> <publisher id>:
Creates a DataWriter on the publisher <publisher id>.
create_datareader <datareader id> <subscriber id>:
Creates a DataReader on the subscriber <subscriber id>.
write_data <datawriter id> <stream id> [<x> <y> <size> <color>]:
Writes data into a <stream id> using <data writer id> DataWriter.
request_data <datareader id> <stream id> <samples>:
Reads <sample> topics from a <stream id> using <datareader id> DataReader,
cancel_data <datareader id>:
Cancels any previous request data of <datareader id> DataReader.
delete <id_prefix> <type>:
Removes object with <id prefix> and <type>.
stream, default_output_stream <stream_id>:
Changes the default output stream for all messages except of write data. <stream_id> can be 1-127 for best effort and 128-255 for reliable. The streams must be initially configured.
Closes session and exit.
tree, entity_tree <id>:
Creates the necessary entities for a complete publisher and subscriber. All entities will have the same <id> as id.
h, help:
Shows this message.

For example, to create a publisher Client that sends a square Topic in reliable mode, you need to run the following commands:

> create_session
> create_participant 1
> create_topic 1 1
> create_publisher 1 1
> create_datawriter 1 1
> write_data 1 128 200 200 40 BLUE

This Client will publish a topic in reliable mode that will have color BLUE, x coordinate 200, y coordinate 200 and size 40.

In case of a subscriber Client that receives square topics in a reliable mode, run the following:

> create_session
> create_participant 1
> create_topic 1 1
> create_subscriber 1 1
> create_datareader 1 1
> request_data 1 128 5

This Client will receive 5 topics in reliable mode.

To create the entities tree easily, you can run the command entity_tree <id>. For example, the following command creates the necessary entities for publishing and subscribing data with id 3:

> entity_tree 3
create_participant 3
create_topic 3 3
create_publisher 3 3
create_subscriber 3 3
create_datawriter 3 3
create_datareader 3 3

To modify the output default stream, you can change it with stream <id>.

The maximum available streams corresponds with the CONFIG_MAX_OUTPUT_BEST_EFFORT_STREAMS and CONFIG_MAX_OUTPUT_RELIABLE_STREAMS properties configurable in client.config file.

> stream 1

Now the messages will be sent in best-effort mode.

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