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Welcome to the ePubChef wiki

What is the ePubChef?

EPubChef is an open source software tool for the efficient crafting of beautiful eBooks. A small fee is charged for each title made public using ePubChef.

Efficient, flexible, portable, dexterous. Choose any four.

  • Efficient - Create an EPUB 3 eBook in record time. Amend, alter, change, re-generate the EPUB anytime.
  • Flexible - ePubChef was born from a desire to create an eBook the way the author wants it to look, not how a software programmer expected it to look.
  • Portable - ePubChef is open source code, you own it. The code wraps snugly around the words of your book and passed across operating systems, and into the future maintaining the ability to regenerate EPUB should alterations to your words or eBook standards change.
  • Dexterous - The tool can fit workflows where other tools can't reach. Create an eBook with a personal message from the author to the reader. Embed purchase details within links in each eBook copy. Last second EPUB generation at point of sale makes it possible.

EPubChef creates EPUB 3.

EPubChef can be used by authors and technical specialists who can use its flexibility to the full. The specialist knowledge of EPUB creation is encapsulated software while leaving hooks for those with standard web design skills to enhance each book individually.

EPubChef files are plain text and amenable to standard version control and collaboration tools such as Dropbox and GitHub. The tool is for those with a modicum of web development skills, or are willing to learn a little.


EPubChef is covered by the GNU Public license. The code is yours to alter as you wish and keep with your book forever.

EPubChef is free to use during its beta stage, later a small fee will be charged for each title made public. See


Visit ePubChef on Google Groups.


  • Home
  • Features
  • [Unique Selling Points (USP)](Unique Selling Points (USP))

Getting Started

  • Installation
  • [Usage Instructions](Usage Instructions)
  • [Recipe and Templates](Recipe and Templates)
  • [Advanced Usage](Advanced Usage)
  • [Purchaser specific data](Purchaser specific data)
  • F.A.Q.


  • [Technical Design](Technical Design)
  • [Templates in ePubChef](Templates in ePubChef)


  • [eBook Compatibility](eBook Reader Compatibility)
  • [An Alternative Description of ePubChef](An Alternative Description of ePubChef)
  • [Use GitHub](Use GitHub)
  • CriticMarkup
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