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v0.1.9. Replace bulk async implementation with method that returns all the
v0.1.8. Bump version to 0.1 to reflect use in production environments. Also incorporate
enhancements from Jeff Ching:
The "adddefinition" and "updatedefinition" API calls were not documented clearly
enough to implement a clean solution.
v0.0.6. Pull in enhancements from Paul Nock and add as contributor:
I added some triggered send support, and also switched 'send_to_exact_target' to
http POST instead of GET. In our case, we were starting to generate some long xml
parameters and we didn't want to run into size limits for GET. I'm not completely
sure how generic the triggered send xml is, but it works well in our case. I'm not
sure if the different Exact Target Account types affect this.
Additionally, we were seeing some issues trying to register Facebook proxy email
addresses with Exact Target, for example
It was easier to simply POST this data than trying to properly escape the + in the data.
v0.0.5. Fix corrupted gem
v0.0.4. Fix gem to include CHANGELOG
v0.0.3. Allow for passing ExactTarget::Subscriber into subscriber_add and subscriber_edit
v0.0.2. Some minor cleanup
v0.0.1. First release.