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Apply for by 24 Febuary #72

joereddington-public opened this issue Feb 5, 2019 · 8 comments

Apply for by 24 Febuary #72

joereddington-public opened this issue Feb 5, 2019 · 8 comments


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@joereddington-public joereddington-public commented Feb 5, 2019

We have a new project This is rubbish. We'd like to apply to this funding scheme with it.

I missed the initial deadline, but noticed it was still open and have confirmed by phone that I have a little more time. Not much more but...

  • First tell Trustees
  • Take 10 minutes to read though the documents to check that we are eligible.
  • Send documents by email as per step one
  • Create the pretty print comment on this issue.
  • Bullet point the answers in the pretty print.
  • create video
    • Look at advice
    • do the brainstorm of the script.
    • POssibly ask for help.
    • Write script for Kat.
    • Track down the references, headlines, and screenshot them
  • Get photos
  • Get the template you used for the other shots
  • Do filming.
  • Draft answers
    • Go and get the information from the most recent arts council submission.
  • Put answers thought simplewriter
  • Create budget
    • first draft
    • research costs and get douple quotes
    • adjust budget for timings
    • add gant chart.
  • Draft the missing bits
  • Send to proofreaders
  • Review, see where you are.
  • Submit
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@joereddington-public joereddington-public commented Feb 26, 2019

Step 1


Subject: This Is Rubbish Plan Plastic Application 2019

Dear Hubbub,

Please find attached our due dilligence files for the plan plastic application.

  • Our Accounts document: Audit_This_is_Rubbish_Joe_Reddington_2019
  • Evidence of being a constituted body: Evidence_This_is_Rubbish_Joe_Reddington_2019

As part of our commitment to transparency, you can also find these documents on our about us page.

Please note - as per previous corrspondence, our accounts are not yet audited.

Step 2

Application form.

  1. How much are you applying for in £? *
    We expect to fund projects for between £150,000 and £300,000 each. However, if you wish to apply for more or less than this, please state why.
  • Do budget first
  1. What is the minimum amount of funding you can accept for this project to still go ahead? (in £) *
  • Do budget first
  1. Have you had funding committed from elsewhere for the same project? If so, to what value? *
    This fund is intended to be majority or whole funding for a project.
    No funding from elsewhere.

  2. Tell us about your organisation (and any partner organisations). *
    (Max 200 words)

Since 2014 eQuality Time has delivered research-lead projects for social good. Its recent achievements include: winning the 2015 Inclusive Technology Prize; being named in the 2016 Nominet top 100, alongside projects like #blacklivesmatter and Well Told Story; and being part of the 2018 Comic Relief Tech for Good Cohort.

Our plan has been to build a wide portfolio of different interventions covering radically different problems, and balanced between long and short term, and based on a variety of different income streams. Our projects include creative writing camps that schools pay for directly; projects that help prisoners connect with their young children paid for from prison budgets; and the development of assitive technology for disabled people paid for from grants. Our longest running projects have moved from being grant supported to generating the majority of our running costs.

What unites our projects is a commitment to open design and transparency, as well as designing projects that inventivise end-users to work together for a common goal.

  1. Describe your project and tell us how it will reduce plastic pollution. Explain how it addresses one of the five focus areas listed. *
    (Max 300 words) Please visit, 'What we're looking for', to read more about the five focus areas. All shortlisted projects will be asked to submit a project plan and demonstrate that they will be in a position to commence the project in June 2019.

The two major problems with plastic recycling in the UK are consumers aren't recycling enough (, and when they do, they are doing it badly ( Repeated studies have shown that domestic behaviours are most influenced by the actions of neighbours and by providing a simple reward structure.
"This is rubbish" works by establishing a review and reward system locally. Personal reports from our staff help people understand their own recycling choices better, and follow up visits give an incentive to improve. By giving out 'reward' stickers for residents to put on their bins and by using a staggered visiting schedule over an area, we can promote a level of competitiveness within an area and thus get more people to make long term behavioural changes.
Alongside campaigns in local schools to raise awareness and inspire children, this creates impactful behaviour change that is rooted in well-established research that has been applied successfully in other areas such as reducing heating costs. (

  1. Tell us why the individuals on the project team and your organisation are the best to deliver this project, including your track record for effective project management. *
    (Max 300 words).

eQuality Time has recent experience of managing grant-funded projects - most recently, £48,500 from Comic Relief, and £62,000 from Nesta. eQuality Time has a mix of restricted and unrestricted funding and as projects mature and become sustainable there is an increase in earned income. Our licencing of IP to Keele University has produced £15,000 unrestricted income in the last year and we expect to continue.
Our trustees have significant experience in recycling and environmental management: Seb Junemann is an energy researcher at UCL with an interest in socio-technical research in domestic buildings. He previously worked for NatCen as Research Director of the Energy and Environment team. Tess Reddington founded and run Phil The Box, a recycling company, in 2011, and has extensive experience working with local authorities on recycling projects. At the same time our COO Dr Joseph Reddington has proven expertise in delivering projects for long term behavioural change.

From a finance perspective, eQuality Time's COO is a member of ACCA and is currently completing a chartered accountancy qualification.
eQuality Time's accountant (TLL) has specialist knowledge of the third sector. Our accounts are prepared in Quickbooks and all expenditure decisions are made at committee meetings and all payments require two signatories. Our Delegated Authority policy states that purchases over the value of £1,500 require two quotations to be obtained to ensure value for money. Source documents for all transactions are retained. Income and expenditure are allocated to a budget heading and to a fund to ensure accounting separation. Bank reconciliations are prepared monthly.
Overhead costs are budgeted for annually and we aim to ensure all projects achieve 'full cost recovery’.

  1. What impact will your project have on plastic pollution in the short medium and/ or long term? Tell us what your outcomes and indicators of success will be. *
    (Max 300 word)
    • A greater volume of recycling is received by the local authority in our target area.
    • The recycling that the local authority receives is of a higher grade, and the grade of recycling remains high six months later.
    • The project is conducted in a way that is scientifically rigorous enough to affect public policy.
    Our indicators of success are:
    For the outcome: “A greater volume of recycling is received by the local authority in our target area” our indicators of success are “The average total weight of recycling in our follow up visits to a property is significantly higher than the average total weight of recycling in our initial visit to a property.”
    For the outcome: “The recycling that the local authority receives is of a higher grade, and that the grade of recycling remains high six months later,” the indicator of success is “the average grade (given by our staff) of a property’s recycling is higher on the second visit than on the first, and the grade of recycling given on a final six month visit is closer to the second visit than the first.”
    For the outcome: “The project is conducted in a way that is scientifically rigorous enough to affect public policy,” the indicator of success is “Publication of findings in a peer reviewed academic outlet that can be disseminated to local authorities and funders.”

  2. Tell us about any wider social or environmental benefits your project is likely to bring. *
    (Max 200 words).

In the wider context, our project will improve all recycling, not just plastic. Moreover, its competitive element will engage people who would not normally be sympathetic with environmental issues to start making positive contributions. Repeated research shows that when an individual starts acting as if they have a particular set of beliefs, they begin to also hold those beliefs. By structuring this project in this way, we have a chance to reach the most reluctant residents and improve their behaviour.

  1. How will you ensure that the project creates a legacy, and continues to have impact beyond the funded year of the project? *
    (Max 300 words).

Our project design is entirely focused on the long term maintenance of an immediate change for beyond the project. Our key outcome is "“The recycling that the local authority receives is of a higher grade, and that the grade of recycling remains high six months later,” and our indicators are designed so that it's the long term change we are measuring. We've been careful to base this project design on research which looks at long term behavioural change and, as an example, we have even gone to the extent of checking the rate at which people change the contents of their weekly shop to see if this would affect the reports we should give them.

  1. How will you share the learnings, outputs and results widely? *
    (Max 300 words).

Firstly we disseminate to other third sector organisations: “This is what we did, this are the results, this is how you would do the same”. Our staff and trustees regularly present at venues ranging from TEDx events to Tech for Good conferences.
Secondly, we disseminate academically. The COO Dr Joseph Reddington is a former academic and continues to work with contacts to publish the results of eQuality Time projects in a scientifically rigorous way. Being able to both draw from current research, and design projects in such a way that their results are clear, is a key strength of eQuality Time as an organisation. In particular, our trustee Seb Junemann is an academic researcher working directly on the topic of socio-technical research in domestic buildings – this project utilises his strengths and he worked with us to design it effectively.
This academic output leads into the third strand – public policy. By providing clearly written briefings that are backed up by peer reviewed data, we can be more influential over local authority policy than many other organisations. We hope to be able to make the case to the local authority that it is cost effective to run this sort of project because the value of the recycling that is collected is raised so significantly over the long term.

  1. Provide a budget showing how you would spend the grant money applied for. *



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@joereddington-public joereddington-public commented Feb 26, 2019

Video Script:

  • Heartrending
  • The problem
  • Our solution
  • Who we are

I worte it as a power point:
pitch script. .pptx

Script for my bit:

Ask for Facebook!

Hello everbody! I need a bit of help! Remember I was looking for names for a recycling project a while back (X won with 'This is Rubbish', Y was runner up with 'Junk and disorderly') - I'm putting to gether a funding proposal for it and I find I need to make a two minute video. But I'm a little short of footage of the 'problem'. So, you know when you are putting something in the recycling and you think "Hang on, which bin should this go in?" And you're a bit confused for a bit before randomly throwing it in one? I need some three second clips of people doing that. Bonus points if you throw it into the wrong bin... I'm going to put them all together so the funders have something to watch while the voiceover talks about the problem. Any takers?

Next actions


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@joereddington-public joereddington-public commented Feb 26, 2019

Back of envelope budget:

Item Projected Cost
Recrutiment of faciliators £          2,000
Faciliator salary £      100,000
Faciliator training £          5,000
Vechieral hire/purchase and refitting £        10,000
Report and branding design £          5,000
Public media work £        10,000
Project manager  0.5FT (6months) £        20,000
Insurance £          2,000
Equipment £          3,000
Office costs; phone, internet, printing, sundries, admin service, postage £        10,000
Accountants £             800
Core costs £        15,000
Total £      182,800

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@joereddington-public joereddington-public commented Feb 26, 2019

I think at this stage there is about 7 hours work left in this.
2.5 on video
1 on doing answers
1 on revising answers
1 on general faff
1 on budget redo.

In terms of the timing - I need to get the footage tonight. I also need to do the writing tonight so that someone can review it if they get a chance tomorrow.

So actually. In terms of getting it right. The big rock to move as soon as possible is the filming. Then do the video first cut at least. That's a good nights work.

On the other hand, the video doesn't need proofreading so if we have a proofreader, it would be best to get the text done first. Hmm.

Next action - ask for a proofreader...


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@joereddington joereddington commented Feb 27, 2019

27/02/19 11:26 to 12:32, (A) due:2019-02-27 Sprint editing for: [200~

Doing movie editing.



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@joereddington joereddington commented Feb 27, 2019

27/02/19 13:18 to 14:32, Submitted!



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@joereddington joereddington commented Feb 27, 2019


If I was doing this again...

  • Spend more time on the budget, and produce the gantt chart to go with.
  • Apply sooner!
  • More proofreading
  • I'm a little unhappy with the video, I think it needed a sorting shot, but there is only so much you can put in...
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joereddington pushed a commit to joereddington/todo.txt that referenced this issue Sep 12, 2019
Working on eQualityTime/Public#72
- 26/02/19 smallest next step : rewrite the copied text
- 26/02/19 smallest next step : tell Kat about the filming.
- 26/02/19 smallest next step : Setup filming gear
- 26/02/19 smallest next step : work out the next bit of text to draft
- 26/02/19 smallest next step : draft 'tell us about your organisation'
- 26/02/19 smallest next step : Find the next question
- 26/02/19 smallest next step : draft the last question.

## 26/02/19 16:44 to 17:17, +PlanningAndTracking Working out the leader file.

## 27/02/19 11:08 to 11:25, Gathering +PlanningAndTracking.

## 27/02/19 11:26 to 12:32,  (A) due:2019-02-27 Sprint editing for: [200~eQualityTime/Public#72
Doing movie editing.

## 27/02/19 12:32 to 13:17, Kate call +EQT

## 27/02/19 13:18 to 14:32, Back on the application, +EQT
- 27/02/19 smallest next step: record voiceover.
Submitted, file is eQualityTime/Public#72

## 27/02/19 14:53 to 15:47, Playing with config +PersonalProjects.
I'm using MacVim now to make copy and paste a little easier. At least for the leader/follower setup.  I like full screen, it suits me.

## 27/02/19 15:49 to 16:03, x (A) due:2019-02-28 Send new version of the spending to comic relief.
## 27/02/19 16:05 to 16:28 x (B) Address all the birthday cards for March
## 27/02/19 16:30 (B) Contact Mum and Steph with your summary of where we are with house.
Next thing is receive phone call from Rob, and then write out the text.
## 28/02/19 10:53, Some list work.  A bit bitty.
## 28/02/19 11:56 to 13:01, Personal Inbox cleared.
## 05/03/19 15:56 to 16:08, Emailed Kate +EQT
## 11/03/19 07:37 to 08:15, Working on a very long reminders list that I had let grow unecessarily.
## 11/03/19 08:22 to 12:07, Solid work smashing the list by writing poety
## 11/03/19 14:55 to 15:26, Power Hour
## 17/04/19 10:01 to 10:51, Phone call from Toni.
## 17/04/19 11:20 to 12:05, Itterating code for Kat
## 17/04/19 12:05 to 12:31, Email.
## 17/04/19 13:41 (C) Check experiation for  equality time insurance Time:04
## 17/04/19 13:44 to 14:41 (C) Get the list of recent camps and add them to the allbooksever file. Time:10
## 17/04/19 15:19 to 15:40 Measure Garage
## 17/04/19 15:41 (C) Pay dreamhost Time:06
## 17/04/19 15:42 to 16:02 (C) Process Halifax statement Time:20
## 18/04/19 10:56 to 13:20 (A) Itterate Reportmaker
## 25/04/19 09:26,  (A) Fix second buisness payment reminder on amazon.
## 25/04/19 10:28 Done the paper submission.
## 25/04/19 10:32 (B) 1. Exercise @singleton +Exercise @nova  Time:60
## 30/04/19 10:22, I am here and this is now.
## 30/04/19 10:25 (A) 1. Looking for urgent: Check Calendar and reminders and notebooks  @singleton +PlanningAndTracking Time:20
## 30/04/19 11:04 (A) Review the new Kings finances.
## 30/04/19 11:14 (A) Write Comic Relief report
## 12/05/19 09:52 to 10:44,
Went on a bit of a thinking journey. I ended up with the plan that Workspace should have a special symbol for when I've ticked off the issue on top of the stack, and I should keep track of that on paper for the moment.  If I can do that for a week then I'll write some more code.

## 13/05/19 08:11,  (A) 1. Looking for urgent: Check Calendar and reminders and notebooks  @singleton +PlanningAndTracking Time:20
* Bought Gate lock, and attic boards
* Everything else got sorted

## 13/05/19 08:45 x (A) Lock phone away and drink 1L of Water @singleton +Health Time:03
## 13/05/19 08:49 to 09:23 (A) 30 minutes on accounts in Quickbooks
x (A) Process the expenditure in Unity.
* Go thought the spreadsheet and check if it's been paid, and if not, will it be.
* Go through the files in each directory and see where they should be.

## 13/05/19 09:23 to 09:55 (B) 1. Exercise @singleton +Exercise @nova  Time:60
Nice walk to the shop.
## 13/05/19 09:56 to 10:52 (B) Write reviews for proposals Time:30
- 13/05/19 smallest next step:  Checking out the folder.

## 16/05/19 10:08, to 13:33
Doing the Code for Kat.

Most of today is about restructuring, moving into classes and using the new input files. A lot of today was working out why some tests are slow and that got a lot to do with the speed of the python-docx library.

One of the activities I ended up trying earlier was starting from scratch, it got my brain in gear and that was great, and it meant I learned some things about how to make tests better

## 16/05/19 17:07 to 18:02
More work bringing in the exam files

## 20/05/19 09:25 to 10:26,
Called mum again

## 20/05/19 10:26
- 20/05/19 smallest next step:  get water bottle and tea
## 28/05/19 09:57 to 10:14, working on Accounts
## 28/05/19 10:14 to 10:41
Wow, that's how long it took to make a cup of tea.

## 03/06/19 15:18 Appears to have disapeared. Moving on for a sec.

## 20/06/19 17:31 to 17:44, Made the start of a quick S AS counter script at

## 20/06/19 20:15 to 20:41, Worked on some more.

## 24/06/19 10:28 (B) Fix the OVF website and demos
Various issues on this:

### Plan

* Update the demos.
* Rename 'upload' to 'create'
* Get the code working again and find out where it fails.
* Remove the Nationality of the voice.

Our first issue was that the upload file wasn't being found.  I looked and the designs folder was empty. I scped everthing accross but that didn't help. It turned out that the domain was being served from the wrong account.  I opened a support ticked, got an email back and it appears to have been fixed this morning.

Later Notes: installed the pptx library as a user, the following issue was that the .htaccess file that we'd used before hadn't come through.

## 24/06/19 15:59 to 16:57, Generally picking off little bits on the list.
## 25/06/19 09:53 to 10:00, Rewriting the workspace

## 25/06/19 10:02 (A) 1. Looking for urgent: Check Calendar and reminders and notebooks  @singleton +PlanningAndTracking Time:20
## 25/06/19 10:03 (A) Lock phone away and drink 1L of Water @singleton +Health Time:03

## 25/06/19 10:22 (B) Fix disability list again
## 26/06/19 09:23 to 09:33, Writing a promotional facebook post.
## 26/06/19 09:38 (A) 1. Looking for urgent: Check Calendar and reminders and notebooks  @singleton +PlanningAndTracking Time:20
## 26/06/19 09:48 (A) Lock phone away and drink 1L of Water @singleton +Health Time:03
## 26/06/19 10:52 to 11:29, Picking STUFF off
## 03/07/19 11:08 to 13:36, Wrote pitch for Hari, interupted by Nova. Enjoyed it.
## 05/07/19 09:34 Got distracted with email, which is sort of positive.
## 05/07/19 09:41, to 10:47,
I've had two phone calls about the accounts, sent off the email summaries and updated invoices. I'm currently raising another invoice and then will work out how to apply payments to various invoices

## 05/07/19 10:56, Doing unity bank

## 05/07/19 11:04 Working out this invoice.

## 05/07/19 11:19, talking about accounts

## 05/07/19 10:47,
## 08/07/19 06:41 to 08:19, Working on Accounts.
Reviewing the information that Peter Buck requested. This included:
* Working out if expenses should be included
* Separating out Staff Pay from All expenses
* Working out that some of our payments come from different 'accounts' and working out how to show them in a report.

Main THING I found out is that I CAN'T currently replicate this in Quickbooks. There is a payroll system but it costs money and we never set it up. So it is for separate documents

I spoke to Mum on the phone (with Nova) and confirmed a few bits at the same time. Overall I've decided that we should leave it as mum sent it.

## 08/07/19 08:29 to 08:50, Sorting myself out for the day.
Various small tasks in inboxes

## 08/07/19 09:15 to 09:47, Preparing for call with DM
## 08/07/19 11:00 to 11:50, Call with DM and writing summary email
## 08/07/19 12:56 to 13:33, phone call with Clare
## 09/07/19 12:03 to 12:17, The watchtower homepage is now the driver file
## 09/07/19 09:51 to 12:50 (C Trusteee) Sprint on Expenses: Time:90 date:2019-07-01 @EQt
Working on Expenses,
- 09/07/19 smallest next step: Fix the expenses spreadsheet.
* I fixed the expenses spreadsheet eventually by copying from a previous version.
* Before that I found an interesting excel-to-javascript github that was broken and have made contact.
- 09/07/19 smallest next step: see if a previous excel file works
- 09/07/19 smallest next step: Export the EQT spreadsheet into a new folder.
* Fetched old receipt books from the loft and also put a bunch of existing receipts in the right place.
* Worked on the 'EQT expenses': took lots of photos.
* Made a change to the algorithm so it is quicker next time and saved it in github.

## 09/07/19 12:50
Breaking here for lunch, the code is EQT and I'm finding receipt 22

## 09/07/19 13:23
Lunch done. Going into town. Will:
* get the electoral roll done.
* read in library
* Have a hot chocolate
## 09/07/19 07:09
x (A) 1. Looking for urgent: Check Calendar and reminders and notebooks  @singleton +PlanningAndTracking Time:20
x (A) Lock phone away and drink 1L of Water @singleton +Health Time:03
x (B) Contact PR honestly

## 09/07/19 07:09 to 07:20 (B) Process the flowers for Turing  date:2019-07-02
- 09/07/19 smallest next step:  Log in to the ssh account and move the themes and such.
I've opened a support ticket and put it into the directory.
- 09/07/19 smallest next step: Start writing the document and actually transfer the money.

So, this is what Alan Turing's Status looked like on his birthday!

You did this, once again you came together and did this, and you raised £2,056.41 for Special Effect.

## Accounting!
Okay, the accounting part:

* We were again approached by a private donor, who, at our advice, sent £1,000 to special effect. We remain staggered by this.
* The Paypal pool raised £1,056.41.
* Bath University sent Joe personally £43.74 (they had those payment details from a previous year)
* There were then two large purchases of flowers, one of 59.66 and one of 34.84, for a total of £94.50.  The receipts are below.
* This leaves exactly £530 to transfer to special effect. Screenshot below.

## 09/07/19 07:32
- 09/07/19 smallest next step:  copy paste the text above to the github issue and add the photos

## 09/07/19 07:30 to 09:20, Nova time.  @family

## 09/07/19 09:20 to 09:43, +EQT
I've completed the payments and report for Flowers For Turing, Now I need to email all the donors: it's gone into the list.

## 09/07/19 09:44 to 09:49, two minute task: change screenshot locatio.

## 10/07/19 18:23
- 10/07/19 smallest next step:  see if any of workspace can go into an issue

- 10/07/19 smallest next step:  Tidy kitchen.

## 10/07/19 19:22
- 10/07/19 smallest next step:  Order Pizza

## 11/07/19 07:11
- 11/07/19 smallest next step: Comit the git.

## 11/07/19 12:09

(B) Write and send the EQT newsletter
- 11/07/19 smallest next step:  Open email.
- 11/07/19 smallest next step:  work out the amount of leave you have.

## 11/07/19 13:32 (B) Write and send the Flowers For Turing thank you email
- 11/07/19 smallest next step:  get the list of donors from emails.

## 11/07/19 13:53 to 15:35, call with Donor and follow up email

## 11/07/19 16:18 (B) Confirm the rest of the visit dates
- 11/07/19 smallest next step: Look at facebook and work out what you have already commited to.

## 15/07/19 11:00 (C) Take Paying in slip to co-op to pay in Amazon cheques
- 15/07/19 smallest next step:  Get dressed

## 15/07/19 11:13, hange of plan

## 15/07/19 11:13 (C) Look at the unclaimed upwork expenses and see what project it was for.

## 15/07/19 11:25
- 15/07/19 smallest next step: Create expense form properly.

## 22/07/19 07:31 to 07:59, +EQT getting the Quickbooks numbers to aggree with the accounts
* So it's definately NOT clear to me why total debtors on my own balance sheet is negative.
* The problem turns out to be that the accountant is using different invoices from us.

Okay, list of questions to ask:

* Can we have these in a different format.
* Have you got a handy list of your trade debtors and other creditros
* p8, you've cataogriesed that STUFF differently.

## 22/07/19 10:16,

I've been tiding up and am currently on hold.  Wondering what other bits need doing around the house. Oh, I can put a wash on, but don't blieve that counts.  Oh, Make seiten would be good.

## 22/07/19 10:38
Family call, got that wrong. What's next to do?

Oh yeah, I was looking at todo.txt

## 22/07/19 10:47
Okay there is a new EQT todo list. That's cool, now what's the easy way of taking those THINGs out of the other list.

## 22/07/19 11:00
Hey, let's have a recorganise

## 22/07/19 11:31
Did a bit of work reorganising the dropbox, wrote a blog. Happy with it, more to do. Yvonne call arranged

## 22/07/19 11:35
More redoing dropbox: projects files

## 22/07/19 11:30 to 11:57, working out a bag for the bike

## 22/07/19 12:29
Err. Faffed a bit.

## 22/07/19 12:29

## 22/07/19 12:38
Rewriting todos

## 22/07/19 12:46

I'm currently trying to put attachements into quickbooks

- 22/07/19 smallest next step:  Work out how much of the Upwork work is for accounting and how much is for greg...

## 22/07/19 13:01
Did that, Now trying to work out how I can make this easy for the trustees. I want the report of the

- 22/07/19 smallest next step:  Find out how to show the unmatched transactions.

## 22/07/19 13:25, Back

Ah-ha! There is an unpaid bill list.

## 22/07/19 13:30
- 22/07/19 smallest next step:  Put the payments into the normal dropbox

## 22/07/19 13:36, Doing that now.

## 22/07/19 13:36

You know, if I properly get thought the inbox we'll have done pretty well.

## 22/07/19 13:39

## 22/07/19 13:40

Only got 18 left.

## 29/07/19 00:05 to 02:25, +Family
Nova awake

## 29/07/19 06:15 to 09:10, +Family
Running around with Nova

## 29/07/19 07:59 to 09:05, +Exercise  (Running with buggy)

## 29/07/19 09:20 to 10:23, Faffing around

## 29/07/19 10:25 to 10:52, +EQT gathering tasks
I'm processing everything in the notepad
- 29/07/19 smallest next step:  get the notepad

## 29/07/19 10:52 to 11:04, All these tasks have been +PersonalProjects
A bunch of tasks that were only in personal projects

## 29/07/19 11:04 to 11:17, Starting to get some +EQT tasks again

## 29/07/19 11:22 to 12:28, (B) Check exepsenss to work out which hotel you used last time for scotland +EQT
It was Edinburght Central premier in - I'll need to check the postcode of that(EH3 9DG) against the school  - yes, 15 minutes away. Okay, we know where we are on that. I need to message the people.

Next action on this is to message both the leaders
Crap it's fringe! I've messaged various people...

It's done.

## 29/07/19 12:29 to 12:47 (B) Write match funding document for Higher Hoizons +EQT
So what does that look like?

It's a headed paper letter,

Dear Anthony,

Following our recent meeting I'm have sent some details on our costs and the proportions that are provided as 'in kind' contributions.

As you know, our licensing fee is £600, and as a longstanding gesture of goodwill we purchase copies of the published books for the writers and pay the delivery costs (amount varies by camp, but the most recent figure for a camp was £131.66) for 'Virtual Immortality'.  As part of the same gesture we also pay Richard Seymour's Expense claims which are normally in the £40-£60 region.

For completeness, you are aware that we've offered to waive our licensing fee in some circumstances to help you scale up the process. This obviously would be considered a donation in our accounts and should be seen similarly.


Dr Joseph Reddington

## 29/07/19 14:51 to 15:14, +EQT todo rewriting.

## 29/07/19 15:15 to 15:19, Blogging for +EQT

## 29/07/19 16:36 to 16:56, +EQT working on the Scottish school - need the other system.

## 29/07/19 16:56 to 17:13, +EQT dealing with messages

## 30/07/19 00:01 to 05:44, Sleep
## 30/07/19 05:44 to 09:10, +Family
## 30/07/19 11:47 to 12:08, Compiling code in the cafe +EQT
## 30/07/19 12:13 to 12:36, Working on watson +EQT
## 30/07/19 12:36 to 13:00, Eating in Cafe and walking over to library.
## 30/07/19 13:00 to 13:38, Working on Watson. +EQT
## 30/07/19 13:40 to 14:38, (A) Phone up to alter travelodge booking  +EQT
Disasterous phone call, then trying to do it by web

## 30/07/19 14:46 to 14:50, Processing reminders to check for work things +EQT

## 30/07/19 14:53 to 15:03, Writing +PersonalProjects blog about accountability

## 30/07/19 15:27 to 15:50, brainstorming in the cafe on +EQT projects

## 30/07/19 16:14 to 16:31, Home, trying travelodge again. +EQT
## 30/07/19 16:31 to 16:49, writing up workday +EQT
## 31/07/19 09:24 to 09:40, Working on Kat's excel issue +Family
## 31/07/19 09:42, Desktop is wiped
## 31/07/19 09:44 to 10:05, Working on eQualityTime/Public#78 +EQT
## 31/07/19 10:08 to 10:50, Working on eQualityTime/Public#77 +EQT
## 31/07/19 10:58 to 11:25,  (B) Review github push requests +EQT
* Updated Node by downloading the new version (rather than doing it inline)
* Build an entirely clean version from source.
* Reviewed and merged, was later told NOT to.

The important commands to run turned out to be:
* npm install
* ng serve
## 31/07/19 11:25 to 11:35, (B) review the EQT minutes on dropbox and add actions to this file. +EQT
## 31/07/19 11:36 to 11:59, (C) Check Procontract and Call Litchfield council about the tender on 01543 308706 +EQT
## 31/07/19 11:59 to 12:05, Checking details with Clare +EQT
## 31/07/19 12:06 to 12:08, (C) Google for showing deffered income in Quickbooks +EQT
## 31/07/19 12:10 to 12:20, doing social media for the day. +PersonalProjects
## 31/07/19 12:25 to 12:56, (C) Process email properly. +EQT
## 31/07/19 12:57 to 13:13, Doing personal email and seeing what happens.
## 31/07/19 13:13 to 13:22, more +EQT emails and work.
## 31/07/19 14:10 to 14:58, writing TMC emails +PersonalProjects
## 31/07/19 15:19 to 15:24 (E) Set up T.M Cooks on GoodReads +EQT
I used as the email and a standard password. They are reviewing and will come back to me.
## 31/07/19 13:22, more +EQT emails and work.

## 01/08/19 12:44 to 14:18, Starting a washington run, Touching every task
We start with 134 to do.

Marked off the following
x (A) 1. Looking for urgent: Check Calendar and reminders and notebooks  @singleton +PlanningAndTracking Time:20
x (A) Reply abotu startup
x (A) Thank you cards for start up guys
x (B) Ask Pete about zika test
x (B) Email Justine and Dan about publishing
x (B) Follow up with Dhari
x (B) Map Kat swimming ambush plan
x (B) Map project for top vegan blogs
x (C) 1. Process Email @singleton +Overhead @phone  Time:90
x (C) Buy £30 of containers for gargage sorting.
x (C) Check bike is G2G
x 2019-07-30 Confirm mum and dad visit on friday.
x (C) Fill out the wake times sheet
x (C) Find some spotlight options for the longue and show to kat.
x (C) Follow up with calre about spoilers
x (C) Follow up with reddit about messages
x (C) Go through Igor and mark each task with eqt or not.
x (C) Make igor event to tell careoline about Nova develpoement
x (C) Make office whiteboard into Joe-Kat list
x (C) Make sign for Joe-Kat office
x (C) Send Kat a picture of Nova's drawers with letters on
x (C) Send Pete's family a gift with a nice note.
x (C) Send something to the grandparent facebook group
x (C) check library for book you keep meaning to read on mindfulness -
x (D) Find a set of developement reading for Nova
x (D) Map project on air con.
x (E) Check that everything in the 'in process' box really does have a task+Overhead @nova
x (E) Check the 'to put in Evernote' folder and add to database +Overhead Time:10
x (E) Check the last time §e:U2FsdGVkX18e4dSc7UPajr6opVoESIiCeqyZawbCs2Q=§ called you +Family @phone  Time:03
x (E) Check the next school time +EQT Time:03
(E) Childminding certificate for Kat Family
x (E) Confirm plans for next two weekends.+Overhead @phone  Time:06
(E) Contact §e:U2FsdGVkX18YzL62ZWaIGXGiMMQ+Iuvx81cvznpIv1k=§ for advice about something Time:10

Also ordered some books and did some other bits.

## 01/08/19 14:47 to 15:16, I didn't get to the end, but I might have another hit.
x 2019-08-01 Check Voicemail  +Overhead @nova  @phone  Time:02
x 2019-08-01 Cut nails +Health @nova  Time:04
x 2019-08-01 Get the new address for C&L
x 2019-08-01 Go thought calendar and find at least one 'thank you's  you *can* make  +Overhead Time:03
x 2019-08-01 Go through Walking Meeting with Kat +Family Time:180
x 2019-08-01 Go through phone and save all of the numbers +Overhead @nova @phone  Time:08
x 2019-08-01 Google for websites to report bad driving
x 2019-08-01 Make sure paper crane is in bathroom @nova @phone  Time:03
x 2019-08-01 Post to WWW facebook page +EQT @nova @phone  Time:10
x 2019-08-01 Publicly thank someone +Overhead Time:15
x 2019-08-01 Pump up bike tires  date:2019-07-08
x 2019-08-01 Put bike rack on wishlist
x 2019-08-01 Put cycling shoes on amazon wishlist
x 2019-08-01 Read tristen's blog
x 2019-08-01 Trim nose hair +Health @nova  Time:05
x 2019-08-01 Update Goodreads with the current book and your progress +Overhead @nova @phone  Time:05
x 2019-08-01 Update Goodreads with the current book and your progress +Overhead @nova @phone  Time:05  date:2019-07-08

## 01/08/19 15:16 to 15:46, Change of plan. The 'for public consumption' version.
x 2019-08-01 Childminding certificate for Kat Family
x 2019-08-01 Contact §e:U2FsdGVkX18YzL62ZWaIGXGiMMQ+Iuvx81cvznpIv1k=§ for advice about something Time:10
x 2019-08-01 Create ebay alerts for everything in wishlist
x 2019-08-01 Do something genuinely nice for §e:U2FsdGVkX1/jHkQjxS8m0DEs/epwc3SIRl2yYxHMBzc=§ +Family
x 2019-08-01 Event to make rice pudding for kat
x 2019-08-01 Event to talk to kat about improving office
x 2019-08-01 Floss +Health @nova  Time:05
x 2019-08-01 Floss +Health @nova  Time:05 date:2019-07-01
x 2019-08-01 Look at list of topics and ring §e:U2FsdGVkX19WbLrOTMYO0bkqz6MOP/OQe8b1WJ4GTb0=§ +Family @phone  Time:35
x 2019-08-01 Map project for top vegan blogs
x 2019-08-01 Mark upwork as subcontractors in QB date:2019-07-08
x 2019-08-01 Open and log progress on the bid status document +EQT Time:04
x 2019-08-01 Pre-order pokemon for C&L
x 2019-08-01 Save a nice family memory +Family @phone @nova  Time:03
x 2019-08-01 Save a nice family memory +Family @phone @nova  Time:03  date:2019-07-01
x 2019-08-01 Save a nice family memory +Family @phone @nova  Time:03  date:2019-07-08
x 2019-08-01 Say something nice to §e:U2FsdGVkX19Ip+vDNLNXjc5ug09rco/U9QXHDqaAZqo=§ Time:05
x 2019-08-01 Send §e:U2FsdGVkX1/72lGetKtb+aA4f5GuVhmjwuldWf83EF4=§ the giff of he liked Time:03
x 2019-08-01 TSE +Health Time:04

That's actually pretty good for rewriting. I wonder if I can go back a version.

## 04/08/19 06:08 to 07:14, Photo Editing +Personal Projects
Just the tagging

## 04/08/19 07:46 to 08:00 And now the cropping
Cropping on the major ones
## 14/08/19 15:36 to 15:52, Been working on igor.  +PersonalProjects
## 14/08/19 15:53 to 16:03, working on sleep inport
## 15/08/19 14:43 to 15:19, Gathering all the tasks.
## 15/08/19 15:19 to 15:48, emptying inboxes
## 15/08/19 16:12
Okay, some bike notes.

I have a Mens Pro Rider Lithium Mens Lightweight Steel Road Racing Bike Shimano 14 Speed, bought from ebay in January 2017. It's done about 630 km so far.

## 18/08/19 16:33 to 17:29, Wrote a blog post, then rewrote it better
## 19/08/19 08:08 to 08:45, Sorting out machine and getting documents and so on +EQT
## 19/08/19 08:47 to 09:05, Creating payment in Unity.  +EQT
## 19/08/19 09:07 to 09:25, Setting up Scotland Camps   +EQT
## 19/08/19 09:27 to 09:40, processing the list while streaming. +EQT
## 19/08/19 09:40 (C) Split the big shine invoice+EQT
## 19/08/19 09:42 to 11:12, (C) Mapping and working on eQualityTime/Public#82 +EQT
## 19/08/19 11:12 to 11:24, Going through the todo list to work out next steps.
## 19/08/19 11:31 to 11:59, Hmm. Email is probably the sensible thing. Doing a first pass on phone.
lots of accumulated content from being away for a few weeks.
## 19/08/19 12:02 to 12:08, From email - book exam  +EQT
## 19/08/19 12:08 to 12:15,  From email sort out goodreads (text on twitter)+EQT
## 19/08/19 12:24 to 12:31, Wanted to stop for food, but ticking off a couple of extra tasks +EQT
## 19/08/19 14:23 to 14:51, Attempting to work on OVF but getting distracted by test infrastructure
## 19/08/19 14:51 to 15:49, Changing plans - moving to WWW for a full deployment.  +EQT
[etherpad 01c8dfd]
Details at eQualityTime/Public#77 (comment)
## 19/08/19 15:51 to 19:50, +Family Time
## 19/08/19 19:50 to 20:38, +EQT debrief from prison camp
## 20/08/19 09:20 to 09:39, Setting up for the day +EQT
## 20/08/19 09:53 to 12:13, Email +EQT
## 20/08/19 13:57 to 14:42, Doing budgets +EQT
What's next? Let's look at the accounts

It's time to prepare a new organisational budget for the year. As part of that process I ran a 'variance analysis' (or I compared the budget to the actual spend) for the last organisational budget. It looks like this: I've attached the pdf. It isn't yet complete (the year hasn't ended and there are various payments/invoices to process that will improve the bottom line) but it's broadly accurate. Worth noting this was only for six months - it runs end of Fen to End of August.

I've used the actual spends to build a new organisational budget for 2019-2020 and have attached it. I'm assuming an increase in income from Yvonne and Higher Horizons and a matching increase in cost of sales, but I'm otherwise assuming the same spend in the same categories except for staff pay as we have my salary to cover. At the moment, we'll make a (coverable) loss on the year unless I bring in another decent grant.

I've also included our current balance sheet, as you can see, our cash flow is good
## 21/08/19 09:39 to 09:49, Getting setup. +EQT
## 21/08/19 09:51 to 10:57, (B) Write the vision for 2022 +EQT
## 21/08/19 10:58 to 11:42 (E) Make a bar chart of WWW camps per year +EQT
## 21/08/19 11:42 to 11:46,  x 2019-08-21 Open and log progress on the bid status document +EQT Time:04
## 21/08/19 11:46 to 12:22, Looking for available grants +EQT
## 21/08/19 12:27 Stopping for lunch.
## 21/08/19 13:43 to 13:58, Fixing a camp issue. +EQT

## 21/08/19 13:58 to 15:21, Working on ovf+EQT
## 22/08/19 09:31 to 12:12, I have a new algorithm, I'm excited about it.

## 25/08/19 16:37 to 16:56, Working on blog post - found out it had already been done better elsewhere. Oh no!  +PersonalProjects
## 25/08/19 16:58 to 17:01, Let's find out about book machine +EQT
## 25/08/19 17:11 to 17:30, IFTTT connection.
## 26/08/19 07:16 to 08:04, Good morning.  (A) 1. Looking for urgent: Check Calendar and reminders and notebooks  @singleton +PlanningAndTracking Time:20
## 26/08/19 08:09 to 08:38, WOrking on the buisness sprint  +personalprojects
## 27/08/19 09:39 to 10:04, Getting started +EQT
## 27/08/19 10:04 to 1020 Notes from house meeting.
* Trip to reading. Leaving here at 4pm, picking up Nova at 3:30. Pack as if to stay over.
## 27/08/19 10:24 to 10:29, Tidying up to start +EQT
## 27/08/19 10:29 to 11:34, (B) Start writing the slides for CM +EQT
Mapped the issue at eQualityTime/Public#83 more to do.
Included some checking in on the tweets from last year.
## 27/08/19 11:32 to 12:22, Publishing Scotland books +EQT
First one done, Need to message Richard about the covers for the kindle versions.
## 27/08/19 14:26 to 15:16, email +EQT

## 28/08/19 09:52 to 11:50, Book publishing. +EQT
Can be viewed at
Okay, pdf is complete and live, I've opened a KDP book but needs a bit of work, particularly on the cover, Can't do much until have an author. Stopping here for now.

Done and handed off.

## 28/08/19 15:21 to 16:50, emails +EQT, Completely emptied inbox
## 29/08/19 09:15 to 09:32, +EQT Starting day and amazon.
Starting day, clearing user area, tidying up this file.
Checked Amazon Publishing to make sure everything is level

## 29/08/19 09:32 to 09:51, Exploring a charity form  +EQT
## 29/08/19 09::51 to 10:01 (E) IFTT for github comments to Twitter +EQT
## 29/08/19 10:03 (D) Write the pro and con lists about going to ISACC
## 29/08/19 10:05 to 10:16 (C) Test Demo link for the OVF client and see if you can bring another one back
## 29/08/19 10:18 to 10:30 (C) Write up notes on new system of approving payments +EQT
## 29/08/19 10:34 to 11:12,  (E) Rearrange and rewrite our projects file
## 29/08/19 11:13 to 11:29, Create invoice and email Scottish school.+EQT

## 29/08/19 11:35, the only seneible thing Is probably to go through the github projects.

## 29/08/19 11:39 to 12:30, Writing the CM presentation.
I'm using 'landslide' which is actually pretty fun. It's lightweight and it forces me to put the information actually on the page.

Also, If I've got my understanding right, because each slide is a different web address I really can tweet out slides as I go.
In general I like it.

I've got a github repo - the gh-pages isn't working for some reason, but there is at least a place for the stuff to live.

Might have mostly been a distraction from actually *writing* the talk, but it's nice to get the structure out.

## 29/08/19 12:30 to 15:27, Working on Children in Need bid
See notes at: eQualityTime/Public#80

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