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From the Developer policy:

It is important to communicate our intentions to end users; our way of doing this is by a Roadmap. Every application should have a Roadmap, defining what releases are planned and what the expected content of each release will be. A roadmap should contain a schedule of at least 3 months although it may be longer.

Planning a release in a roadmap is not an absolute commitment to complete that release, rather it is a statement of intent, which can be helpful to contributors and users of the application. The Roadmap helps to

  1. keep the community informed about future changes,
  2. avoid duplication of effort by preventing multiple parties working on the same thing and not knowing about it, and
  3. ensure that any technical issues around the proposed work are discussed and resolved before any significant work is done.

The roadmap is the responsibility of the Product Owner, which on this project is Joseph Reddington.

The current roadmap is:

Release Project 'Release After' date
OBF Support 12th October 2018
Medical Device Registration 19th October 2018

Releases that have 'graduated' from the roadmap include.

Release Project 'Release After' date Release Date Release Tag Release Notes
Sync with server 1st October 2018 6th October

A visual version of the roadmap is here

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